Chespirito Star Robert Gomez Bolaños Honored with Google Doodle

Today is Robert Gomez Bolaños day! Google is celebrating what would have been his 91st birthday with a very touching Google Doodle

Illustration by Google

Illustration by Google

Today is Robert Gomez Bolaños day! Google is celebrating what would have been his 91st birthday with a very touching Google Doodle. Now, if his name is unfamiliar to you, the name Chespirito or El Chavo may be more nostalgic. If you grew up in a Latino household, El Chavo del Ocho was a character that always seemed to be on the television. The legendary Mexican actor died in 2014 at the age of 85. 

While most remember Bolaños for his funny characters, he was an actor through and through and had a lasting acting career that spanned decades. His comedy and characters remain timeless and watching it today still warm our hearts. 

“For more than 40 years, Chespirito masterminded the creation of hundreds of episodes of television, in addition to movies and plays, capturing the hearts of millions with his signature style of clean and hopeful humor,” Google states. Helene Leroux drew Bolaños’ Google Doodle. “His legacy lives on in the series’ reruns, which have been translated into over 50 languages and continue to run on television networks globally to this day.”

Fans were delighted to see that Google honored Bolaños. “LOVE LOVE LOVE the @GoogleDoodles tribute this morning to Robert Gomez Bolaños, better known as Chespirito,” a fan tweeted today. “His creations were a big part of my childhood. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Sr. Bolaños!”

“I remember watching #Chespirito as El Chavo and El Chapulin Colorado with my cousins, aunts, and uncles when I spent summers with them in Honduras,” another fan said. “Seeing him as today’s Google Doodle brings back great memories.”

We love the fact that Google has honored so many wondering Latin pioneers on their homepage. From Selena to Gustavo Cerati and Gabriel García Márquez. It’s always a pleasant surprise. One of the biggest reasons why Google has shown so much inclusiveness and representation of the Latinx community is because of Perla Campos, Google Doodles Global Marketing Lead

In 2017, when Google featured Selena, Campos talked about her Mexican heritage and why Selena was essential to her. 

“I grew up as the daughter of a Mexican immigrant single mom living in a small (primarily white) town outside of Fort Worth, Texas,” Campos told Billboard. “There were always two women who taught me I could do anything and be anything I set my mind to: my mom and Selena. Selena has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”

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