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11 #GrowingUpMexican Tweets That Are So On Point

There are a lot of culturally specific experiences Latinos can relate to especially since the large Mexican population in the U.S. tends to create overlap with other Latino groups in terms of what we are exposed to. Nearly all of us grew up watching watching Cristina, Walter Mercado, and Sabado Gigante on Univision. We all had mom’s who forced us to clean on the weekends and made us give up our rooms when they had “visitas.” Hispanic Heritage Month is right around the corner, but since we’re down with celebrating orgullo Latino all year long, here are some super relatable tweets about growing up Mexican!

My dad would rather pick me up from jail than have me come home with a tattoo on my body!


Literally never any sympathy! Raise your hand if you ever broke a bone or sprained an ankle and your parents didn’t believe you!

Can we live??! This was literally the most annoying thing in life.


Swans, flowers, wolves, cheetahs, Mickey Mouse, they were so warm but made you sweat so bad! Gotta love those synthetic fabrics though!

Can’t do NOTHING! Sometimes we need a break from the frijoles, ma!


Dramatic moms, tias, cousins – everyone was the star of their own telenovela.

Moms can lowkey hit us with insults ALL the time. And if you lose too much weight, you’ll hear about it too!


When you can’t tell if you’re sweating from the caldo or sweating because it’s hot outside!


Jesus was always in da house!


Walking behind your Mom like “hiiiiiii” and then having to hung and kiss every single person before you leave.


I don’t know if it actually cured anything but most of the time it made you feel better.