15 Things You Can Relate to If You’re “Half Latinx”

I was born to a Colombian mother, whose parents were also born in Colombia, and a father who was born in Hungary, to Hungarian parents. Although my DNA test says I’m also a mix of a whole lot of other things, my mother raised me to be a proud Latina who has always fully embraced my Colombian culture. I speak fluent Spanish, grew up surrounded by mostly Colombian family, and I’d consider myself an expert when it comes to Latinx culture — it’s my career! But you might not instantly recognize that by my European features, my pale freckled skin, and my Magyar last name — Szoenyi. And for that, I felt for the longest time that I had to constantly prove my Latinidad to others.

The feeling of being part of a culture, but feeling as if you are still an outsider, can be awkward and alienating, especially as an adolescent and is felt by many who are of different ethnicities and/or races. If you are Afro-Latinx, Asian-Latinx, Arab-Latinx, or Latinx and anything else, you most likely can relate to these sentiments. This is even true if you are from different Latin American countries! You feel as if you are living amongst different worlds, while just being you. To highlight how we might feel and to remind you that you’re not alone, here are 15 things especially us “half-Latinxs” can understand.

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