How to Handle Work Drama Like a Boss


Throughout Season 3 of the iconic HBO hit series “Insecure,” we watched as Molly, played by comedian Yvonne Orji, finds herself at odds with a male coworker who not only keeps stealing her thunder — but also manages to bring out the worst in her. A sassy, and occasionally problematic character, Molly struggles with self-actualization — as she’s developed a checklist of sorts for her life and finds herself struggling to check all the proverbial boxes (read: husband, 2.5 kids, killer career, etc.). In her efforts to control all of the circumstances in her life in hopes of creating a picture perfect life, she finds herself taking cutthroat measures and making hurtful assumptions. And by the end of the season we saw it all backfire, as she ends up isolating her new coworkers and left to handle a major project at work without any support.

In Molly’s defense, her spiral began when said male colleague at her new job repeatedly upstaged her and pounced on various opportunities faster than she could say “I volunteer.” While Molly did not handle the situation as best she could (by obsessively working late, getting high, and taking cutthroat measures against her professional peers), there are many ways to handle difficult work situations in a healthy manner.

For National Boss Day today, instead of celebrating traditional bosses at work, we’re sharing the many ways women of color work and handle professional slights or difficult situations and we’re calling out whether they’re worth fighting (the way Molly did) or falling back.




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