24 Ways to Process Grief in a Healthy Manner


Photo via Unsplash

August 30 is National Grief Awareness Day, and we wanted to constructively add to the conversation surrounding grief and loss. It can be somewhat of a taboo subject in some communities, and it can definitely be difficult to open up about personal traumas, especially within Latinx communities. But in order to move forward, and be able to process pain in constructive ways, we have to open up in order to heal. So whether you, or someone you know, is dealing with the loss of a friend, a job, a loved one, or anything else that causes hurt and pain — we’ve compiled 24 ways for you to healthily process that grief.

Even though you may not want to take care of yourself, periods of grief should be a time when you should put yourself first. So, read on, share this with your community, be a support for others, and connect with those who may know exactly what you’re going through.




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