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‘Hermanas’ Drama Series About Three Sisters in Florida Coming to CW

Family is everything to us but that doesn’t mean we want them around 24/7 because tensions can rise and that’s basically the premise of a new drama series about Latina sisters. Diary of a Future President creator Ilana Peña is re-teaming with the Disney+ series’ writer Crystal Ferreiro for Hermanas, a dramedy of sorts in development at CW. Diary of a Future President stars Tess Romero as Elena Cañero-Reed and Gina Rodriguez as her older self and is all about empowerment but also keeps it real and it seems like this show is taking a similar approach.

Hermanas follows three sisters—individually described as a “hot mess,” a “rigid overachiever” and a “homemaker who never left”—who reunite in their small town in Naples, FL after their brother, the crown jewel of the family, gets into a debilitating accident. As the women put their resentments aside to help him, the Primés realize that the sanitized version you present to family evaporates when you’re in close quarters, and what’s exposed is your most messy, authentic and vulnerable self. The series will be written by Ferreiro with Peña supervising, Deadline reported.

“When @chismebae [ was a writers’ PA on #diaryofafuturepresident, she put up an inspirational quote on the fridge every day, which fueled us all as we built season one of a new show. When she was a staff writer, she consistently blew me away with her home run pitches, stellar drafts, and infectious attitude (#hellyeah),” Peña wrote in a caption on Instagram. “She produced the hell out of several episodes and always kept me laughing. It’s no surprise that as a creator/executive producer, Crystal is continuing to crush it, to tell personal, emotional stories that are so thoughtful and so celebratory- and, of course, always keep me laughing. This show and this boss lady are so special and I’m beyond grateful I get to help bring her vision to life. Hermana, you are extraordinary!!!”

Peña is creator, showrunner, EP and director of Diary of a Future President which recently released its second season. Ferreiro was a writer on the CBS Studios-produced series.

“The secrets out— I’m writing a drama with some humor! I am beyond excited about HERMANAS, it’s my love letter to sisterhood! 🥰 And I can’t believe how lucky I am to be working with my honorary hermana and genius @lanstagram, JBTV, CBS, and the always sexy CW. Daleeeeeeeee,” Ferreiro wrote in a caption on Instagram.

The series is still in development and there’s no word yet on a release date or cast.