HipLatina Horoscope: Everything You Need to Know for the Week of July 16th

We are midway through the summer and already many of our minds are thinking towards the fall

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

We are midway through the summer and already many of our minds are thinking towards the fall. It’s not by accident — this is when people start to prepare for the harvest for the year. They make a plan for how they’ll carry and distribute all the good things that are coming to their plate in a few months. This week will have a lot of you feeling the same sort of way. And with a planetary alignment like we have this week, for some of you, this will all come easier than ever before. Check it out!


This week is all about knowing who you really are. While your ruling planets continue to square off during the early parts of the week, you might feel the need to be brightest in the room. But the truth is, people see you right now. They hear you. Can you learn from Uranus squaring your Mars this week, and believe that your voice has always been the valid one at the table? This week it’s time to believe in your own self.  Others will follow.


There is a possibility for you to feel a bit trapped this week when it comes to making advances on your personal interest. Conversations could take a mystical quality with Neptune squaring your Venus, leaving you not sure how to make heads or tails of things. Lean on Saturn’s opposition to you this week and instead of forcing an answer, try collecting more details instead that you could be missing. Now is not the time to charge ahead.



This is a good week to continue cleaning out your life. While the planets focused a bit more on your home life, this week they call you to look towards your relationships and the ones that hold you back. Mercury conjunct with the North Node asks you to look at the people around you and get honest about their influence on your life. If you’ve been thinking that it might be time to say goodbye to someone, you’re probably right.



This is an exciting week that could bring the kind of conversations you find worth your while. Expect Uranus to stir up the pot a little. And both the nodes to bring up questions about potential opportunities coming your way. Something juicy is on the horizon, but it may cost you more than you’re ready to give. But ready — is negotiable. Tread carefully, and you’ll strike a good balance with your ambitions and goals this week.



As Mars continues to give you extra support this week, you would be amiss to not continue to push your agenda forward this week, even if it comes with opposition. And it will. Pluto is forcing you to think of things on a deeper level this week. To understand your connection to those around you and to try to make responsible choices while you charge forward. It’s a good time to listen to the angel on your shoulder and be kind – as you take over the world at the same time.



Release and renew are the themes you’ll be dealing with this week. Where you are able to see how change can be an asset, others aren’t going to be so quick to follow your lead. Which is fine in some respects because you do have the time to spell this wisdom out, easy-bake oven style. But in other ways, this influence could be troubling if you aren’t willing to be patient and take a more guided approach to explaining your side of things. Wear a smile, or tempers will flare.



If someone tries to slow down your party train this week, let them. Just for a minute. Consider it your Gatorade moment for the summer, where you take a moment to hydrate and get your head refocused. Because you’ve been a bit hazy lately when it comes to a certain someone in your life. They have boundaries too. And all you have to do this week is adhere to them, and then it will be full steam ahead again in no time.



There’s a great opportunity for you this week to strike a bit of enlightenment in an area that’s been most concerning to you. Especially when it comes to that recent person who’s put your efforts at a disadvantage. The message of the planets this week guides you to think less about the pain of what that person has created, and more on the power you feel now, in this moment, with the Sun square your natal Mars. It’s time to transition from these memories and create new ones. Get yourself ready.



This is a great week to just indulge in what you love. Be around the friends, family and events that set your heart on fire. In fact Venus is insisting this, as you move toward planetary heights this summer of bringing some of your wildest dreams into reality. Bring people along with you on this journey. It feels better than doing it alone — which will sustain you in the challenges that lie ahead.



Did you think that you would stay stagnant forever? If you’ve been praying for a busier workload or to move a special project ahead, you can expect your head to spin this week with the speed of progress that’s possible. Lots and lots and LOTS of conversations coming. Find a second to grab a pretty notebook to jot down the takeaways. This is the start of a very prosperous harvest season for you. Congrats — now don’t waste it.



While your ruling planet, Saturn, is coming out of its shell and bringing you clarity on some of your goals, Uranus is in the office tidying up the paperwork. Anything that’s old and useless, she is tossing out of your life. Anything prosperous she is bringing to the forefront of your communications. Get ready for things to pick up with great speed, now that both of your planets are on the same page about moving you forward.



Someone is coming into your life this week that could impact the way you see things forever. That’s not to say that the interaction will last longer than three minutes … and it might even be shorter than that! But the planets do what they have to so you have this extra bit of support, right now. So keep your eyes peeled.

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