HipLatina Horoscope: Everything You Need to Know for the Week of July 16th

We are midway through the summer and already many of our minds are thinking towards the fall. It’s not by accident — this is when people start to prepare for the harvest for the year. They make a plan for how they’ll carry and distribute all the good things that are coming to their plate in a few months. This week will have a lot of you feeling the same sort of way. And with a planetary alignment like we have this week, for some of you, this will all come easier than ever before. Check it out!


This week is all about knowing who you really are. While your ruling planets continue to square off during the early parts of the week, you might feel the need to be brightest in the room. But the truth is, people see you right now. They hear you. Can you learn from Uranus squaring your Mars this week, and believe that your voice has always been the valid one at the table? This week it’s time to believe in your own self.  Others will follow.




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