HipLatina Horoscope: Everything You Need to Know to Get Through the Week of July 23rd

With a new moon in Cancer on Sunday we are all about to have some feels

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With a new moon in Cancer on Sunday we are all about to have some feels. But luckily with the Sun in Leo and so many of the planets playing nice, you might get a lot of work done this week. Check it out!

One of the keys to human survival is maintaining a good balance and this week, the skies really ask that you reach for it in an area that causes you distress. Learn when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. You’ll feel your ruling planet of Mars coaxing you out of these illusions (hopefully kindly, but we all know you like it a little rough to keep things somewhat exciting.) And Pluto will be connecting you to some swift new opportunities throughout the week.



Girl, grab your Jordan’s. This is gonna be one of those stop-and-go weeks that will make you second guess yourself more than once. But you’re prepared for this game. The past few months have trained you for this moment. When it comes to what you’ve been jamming on, just know that Saturn in your chart this week is only asking that you double check your process. So that when Jupiter and Uranus meet Venus this week, you are better prepared for the swift changes that are coming. Get low and play hard on the court this week. It’ll be worth it.


All hail the queen! This week you’re going to have one hell of a reset. Areas where you’ve felt incredible stress this year should find themselves taking a back seat, as your ruling planet conjuncts with the North Node and brings about an energy of new beginnings. Whatever needs to be fixed or changed in your relationships has a good chance of happening this week. Especially if you are willing to be the bigger woman. And for some of you, you won’t have too much of a choice. As Uranus is trine your ruling planet this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got stuck in an elevator with the very coworker who’s been giving you grief! It’s fine. Change is good.


This week has a lot more pluses than it does minuses … and you’d find a happier equilibrium if you find a way to not take things too personal right now. The beginning of the week will help you do this tremendously, as your ruling planet, the Moon, becomes a new moon on Sunday. This will probably bring relief in areas you’ve been looking for, whether they absolve themselves naturally or you find the sudden clarity of how to solve things quickly. The trick is to remember this power you innately have, and carry it throughout the week.


And here we are – the Sun is finally in your house, the summer of Leo is finally here. This should be an exciting time for you to feel the full strength of yourself and bring new ideas to life with ease. Notice I said should be. A lot of what’s happening in your chart this week asks you to keep moving forward with a gentle awareness that people are not necessarily as eager to take the risks you are. Use patience and strategy to get your vision across now.


You can make up a lot of ground this week if you are willing to roll with the punches. You have to remember, whatever comes your way this week is happening for you – not to you. Uranus is trine with your ruling planet this week, making it an excellent time to look ahead towards the plans you’re starting to cook up and really chart out how reasonable your request is. Make the necessary changes now and you’ll be grateful for it later.


A little birdy should land on your shoulder any minute now, and begin to sing sweet little nothings in your ear. I can’t say with all confidence that you should trust that little birdy, but if it wants to take you to cocktails and offer you a new job, or a second date, or maybe even a romantic trip to the Cayman Islands – it’s worth investigating your options. As Jupiter trines with your ruling planet this week, it’s not in his nature to get into the details, just to make you feel great and see all that’s possible. (Hence, the advise to not get yourself swept away without a little fact checking first.)


Try not to take things so seriously this week, no matter how personal it feels. Where you are feeling a refreshing amount of energy right now to see a goal of yours through, it’s not necessarily someone’s intention to thwart your efforts entirely. They just don’t know how much your efforts mean to you. Try communicating your truth this week, not your fears.

This week, you should try to remember that the word no … is just a response to a question posed now. It’s not the end all be all. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a yes around the corner. This week, your ruling planet is doing a tango with the cosmos that’s designing itself to toughen you up a bit. How deep is your love for your goal? Now is the time to show it.

Things are moving fast this week around an issue you really care about. Mama bear claws might have to come out. It’s not that you can’t have what you want – but you might have to stake a more aggressive claim on it than you are used to. Don’t get emotional, get strategic. That’s how you’ll win.

It’s almost like a yo-yo, the cosmos are intent on making you stop and go this week. A conversation might happen on Monday, but follow up won’t come till Friday. Or a check that should clear on Tuesday, accidentally gets lost in the mail. It’s not to say things aren’t happening, but there’s just a comedy to this sort of flow. And if you can accept it as no big deal, it won’t be.

Following your gut under any other circumstance would be a good idea this week. Except your gut is likely to be vacillating between two or three options this week. And choosing one, thanks to the Moon and Neptune, is going to be a bit challenging. Ask for help. Someone nearby is waiting to be a good listening ear to you.

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