HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Should Know for the Week of September 3rd

With the first Full Moon taking on the skies after the Great American Eclipse, the party is finally ready to begin

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

Photo: Unsplash/@jsr1

With the first Full Moon taking on the skies after the Great American Eclipse, the party is finally ready to begin. All those wishes people made on that great new moon are starting to play themselves out. And the side-effects may be easy as pie for some and a complete nightmare for others. You might wanna check your scope, your partner’s scope and your boss’s this week and plan accordingly. Check ‘em out.


If things are feeling a bit mental this week — you can blame Mercury. The planet is conjunct with Mars this week, kicking the wheels in your brain into overdrive. This could be the perfect time for gaining a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to the world around you. You might also be the sole voice in the room who can understand even the most complicated of work problems. However, there is the tiny – very likely knowing you – chance that you could take this energy into overdrive. Try not to beat yourself up for anything, little Ram. We’re all human and perfection is an illusion you don’t need to concern yourself with this week.



Saturn is trine you this week — and it’s exactly the vibe you need to improve your game on the down low. Where others might seem to be fighting the worst of elements this week, you should be feeling the better of Saturn’s energy. Look into long term plans if you can, and see what smart investments you can make now. Your ruling planet has a way of bringing the deals and shopping sales your way and this week you’ve got the mojo (for instance, you’d probably kill it shopping at a consignment shop this week.) It’s also a great week for you to look at the way you’ve been jamming on things and add some structure to the way you’re working.



Your planet is doing the Celine Dion most right now, and this week you are going to feel all the benefits. Between her four-some influence with Uranus, Saturn and Aries you can expect to find a little wiggle room in your step this week. Where you may have felt constricted before, the planets are clearing the way for you to see how to solve your problems and get ahead a little differently this week. You might even attract a few new people to help you under this influence this week. My advice for this week would be to do the most. For once, it’s really only going to make people and opportunities love you even more.



The most important piece of advice that has changed my life this year is something I want to share with you. It almost perfectly sums the answer to all your questions that will inevitably come up this week: No matter what happens, or how it happens, or when it happens, YOU WILL HANDLE IT. Just look back at the events of the year and understand how you fought your way through them all. How you’re still here standing. When Neptune conjuncts with your ruling planet this week, blast any Lady Gaga song of your choice, sing it as on or off key as your heart desires, and know that no matter what — you are the strength of 1,000 lifetimes. You are built to handle anything. You are THAT strong.



This week you might feel a surge of energy to push an idea or passion into life. And it’s very likely that you can get a lot done — but perhaps not at an expense you’ll like later. Really pay attention who you ask for favors this week. While there is a chance they could be a bit untrustworthy in the future, the likely outcome is that you’re pitch is going to be so strong, and so convincing that someone is likely to say yes now, and then back out later. For reasons that may or may not even be your fault (after all, an idea really sells best when it’s fully thought out). In fact, for your own sake, I’d love if you double checked your ideas this week before you get others on board. This will help protect your interests and relationships for sure.


How’s it feel to be the extra cool kid in the zodiac wheel this week? You can expect to feel a bit more wiggle room this week in places or relationships where you’ve felt a bit stuck this week. In fact, with the help of Saturn and Uranus in your chart this week, it’s a great time for you to even get ahead on some matters that you haven’t been able to think so clearly on. It’s almost as if you’re Neo this week, and The Matrix around you is starting to look clearer than ever. That’s not to say you’ll be able to stop bullets — but you’ve definitely got that je ne sais quoi in your chart this week that’ll turn heads and open doors. Walk through them — this week you are “the one.”


If you’ve been letting the stars guide your heart’s desire this summer, you’re going to find the payoff to be extra sweet this week. Your ruling planet of Venus has sync’d up with Saturn and the relationships in your life are coming into full focus this week. Expect the most positive influences of your life to make their support and love for you known. From an extra Facebook like, to a romantic dinner date, this week those who ride hardest for you will make themselves known loud and clear. Thus making those you’ve been on the fence about you for a while now (including work and family), stand out in a way you can’t ignore.



The stars have been working with you to repair a lot this summer. So when Mercury conjuncts with your ruling planet this week, try not to pick up on her tendency to get a little defensive. And by all means, don’t get nasty if someone has the nerve to piss in your Cheerios this week. And perhaps what’s most important, is that this week you treat yourself like the shining star that you are. No self-loathing. No negative thoughts. What Mercury’s got to say will be quick, decisive and then gone. Don’t let this week take you off your course.


With your planet opposite Pluto lately, it’s been very apparent to you what you can have and what’s unreasonable. And with Jupiter opposite Uranus, you really don’t want to feel any pressure to back down right now. Consider starting the week thinking of a new side job or a new hobby you’d like to pursue. Give yourself the outlet to express yourself while you wait for your more long-term endeavors to pan out. You’ll enjoy the feeling of balance this brings.



It’s kind of an exciting week to be you. Your ruling planet is up in everyone’s business right now, leaving you with the kind of energy that people can really trust. Play the role of the listening ear this week and get vital information and build relationships that you can leverage in the near future. It’s a role you know well, being the wise one. But this is more of a listen and learn week — not so much a show everyone everything you know kinda week. That’ll come soon enough.



Both of your ruling planets are actively helping others out this week and you are very likely to follow their lead this week. While you might be in the midst of a lot of conversations and exciting people, be sure to plan some solo time every day this week. Time where you aren’t checking your email and your phone is in airplane mode. You’ll be feeling the influence of Mercury this week, and the opportunity to get some major clarity this week is at your very finger tips. Consider journaling first thing every morning and checking in with yourself. You’ll really benefit from grounding yourself this week.  



With your ruling planet opposed the sun this week, I want you to grab a little courage and openly check a fool. Someone this week might be taking advantage of your chill vibes this week, and you need not be afraid to check a bitch. It’s their responsibility to treat your with love and respect. It is not your responsibility to absorb the work they can not do for themselves. Do not be a doormat this week and be weary of those who protest too much — if your gut thinks it’s suspect, it probably is.

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