What the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Means for You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or wisely avoiding the news as of late, there’s a giant ass total eclipse making a diagonal line from the pacific northwest right on down to the south of the country on August 21. And unlike other lunar events, this one has everyone from scientists to doomsday preppers talking about the significance of this celestial event.

Is it a sign of the end times? The catalyst to the next world war? Or will it refresh a spiritual awakening in all of us, and charge us with the energy to live our best life? Answer: maybe a little bit of all three. Check it out.

What Is a Total Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the new moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, and blocks the sun’s light out completely. As the new moon is naturally an amazing time to begin manifesting your next immediate goals, the new moon in a total eclipse is like a magic boost up mushroom in a Super Mario game. In fact, it’s almost better. It’s like one of the green tubes that you accidentally pushed the down button on, and suddenly you’re in a whole new world filled with coins  — but only if you’ve been playing the game with your heart out. Those who are up to King Koopa evil, might find themselves jumping in hot lava if they aren’t really careful.

This eclipse, during a mercury retrograde, with Saturn going direct just days afterwards is a reset button of epic proportions. No one is going to be able to continue forward doing the status quo.




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