What the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Means for You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or wisely avoiding the news as of late, there’s a giant ass total eclipse making a diagonal line from the pacific northwest right on down to the south of the country on August 21

Photo: Unsplash/@belec

Photo: Unsplash/@belec

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or wisely avoiding the news as of late, there’s a giant ass total eclipse making a diagonal line from the pacific northwest right on down to the south of the country on August 21. And unlike other lunar events, this one has everyone from scientists to doomsday preppers talking about the significance of this celestial event.

Is it a sign of the end times? The catalyst to the next world war? Or will it refresh a spiritual awakening in all of us, and charge us with the energy to live our best life? Answer: maybe a little bit of all three. Check it out.

What Is a Total Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the new moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, and blocks the sun’s light out completely. As the new moon is naturally an amazing time to begin manifesting your next immediate goals, the new moon in a total eclipse is like a magic boost up mushroom in a Super Mario game. In fact, it’s almost better. It’s like one of the green tubes that you accidentally pushed the down button on, and suddenly you’re in a whole new world filled with coins  — but only if you’ve been playing the game with your heart out. Those who are up to King Koopa evil, might find themselves jumping in hot lava if they aren’t really careful.

This eclipse, during a mercury retrograde, with Saturn going direct just days afterwards is a reset button of epic proportions. No one is going to be able to continue forward doing the status quo.


Your Star Signs and The Eclipse

The best part of a new moon of this proportion is that you can really get ahead on the endeavors you’ve been chomping at for a while. Signs like Capricorn, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius might find the sails of their goals really finding wind at this time, and could make up considerable ground for themselves. Especially for those who have been using the past year to work very hard on a entrepreneurial or professional pursuit, this energy could be a great time to see things clearly, task profitable risks and break off old habits with real courage.

The signs of  Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces can expect the relationships that have been troublesome over the past few months to really show themselves for who they are, thus making it clear with how to deal with them. These will most likely be the people who do not know how to harness this powerful, and renewing influences of the new moon — and thus become more self-sabotaging and less progressive to your expanding viewpoints. This could very well be a time of saying goodbye once and for all.

For Libras, Aries, Geminis and Sagittarius who have been struggling to find their place in the office and with their talents, if they continue to work hard their endeavors could finally get the breakthrough they’ve been longing for. Use this new moon to really visualize where you want to be, and commit to the belief that it will happen. Setting this intention now is going to hit the fast forward button on your ambitions.


The Eclipse and America

While a total eclipse is something that happens sporadically throughout the years, it’s been a long time since we’ve had one in America. In fact, the last one was in 1979, where the path crossed over just the tip of the northwestern states of the country.

What has astrologist the most fascinated is that this total eclipse runs straight across the American heartland. And then again in 2024, just seven years from now, the eclipse will run across the country again — this time from Maine down to the western edge of Texas — making a giant X over the continent.

If a celestial X over the country wasn’t enough to spark a curiosity during a time so close to the Charlottesville protests and international rivalries, we also have some very powerful, aggressive and self-serving planets stirring up the energies of this cosmic event. With Mars conjunct (aligned) with the Sun in Leo, Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon opposite in Aquarius, this is an energy of both rising voices, creating change and soaring compassion for one another. Where individuals rise to their highest ideologies and work towards creating sustainable and practical lifestyles in accordance to their own will. This eclipse, is for sure about how we, as a culture, choose to define who we are and what we now stand for.


The End of Trump?

No astrologist worth their salt can look at this event, and not look at the world of politics in play. And no other politician has the attention on the world stage like Donald Trump. However, astrologists looking for the chink in Trump’s armor inevitably met with some confusing (and perhaps disappointing) conclusions. When you take Donald Trump’s natal chart and you compare it to the alignment of this total eclipse event, you see where his energy is almost magnified by stations of each planet. Almost as if this is the event, according to astrologer The Leo King, where we will come to understand exactly why this man was elected the President of The United States.

Don’t worry — as informative as his natal chart may be, astrologists around the world all agree with the explanation at the end — the only thing you really need to do during this time is focus on building your own sense of security, love and community. That’s how we’ll all thrive.


Your Best Life

No matter what happens on a global scale, every astrologist champions that this eclipse is actually an excellent time for you to click into your best life. To follow the values and passions that set your heart alight and make your life the best version of itself yet.

This total eclipse is in Leo, which is an excellent energy to connect to the true meaning of what is in your own heart. If you’ve been debating taking singing lessons or making a career change that will make your soul happy, now is the time to answer your greatest truth and meet some success.

The north node will also help bring something new into your life — something you might not have seen coming or even knew was possible. So keep an eye out for this change and consider taking a risk that could change your life for the better.

And finally, above all and especially with Mercury in retrograde at this time, no matter what fears arise, and what changes come, the eclipse and planets will forget no name that does not respond to the rest of the world with love and kindness. While this is a time to create your best life, there is little patience in the air for it to be at the expense of others. Karma is taking notes right now — make sure you give her only good things to say.

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