15 Gifts For The Bruja in Your Life

If you didn’t already know Latina feminists are reclaiming their inner bruja like we’ve never seen before and what better way to celebrate that than with a thoughtful gift

Photo: ilovemuza.com

Photo: ilovemuza.com

If you didn’t already know Latina feminists are reclaiming their inner bruja like we’ve never seen before and what better way to celebrate that than with a thoughtful gift. One of the key ways to keep empowering one another is to support each other’s small businesses. This is especially timely with big companies like Sephora and Urban Outfitters trying to cash in on the rise of spirituality as a trend.

So, if you can’t support your local botanica, you can gift the bruja in your life essential oils, a meditation journal, or protection spells made by the entrepreneurial brujas below.

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Align: A 30-Day Soul Adventure into Yourself

Photo: jaquirodriguez.com

What better way to enter the new year than with a meditation journal designed for you to connect with the deeper aspects of yourself. It includes 30 days of inspiration through writing prompts to help you create a consistent meditation and journaling practice.

Price $14.99


Crystal Roll Top Aromatherapy Oils

Curandera Remedies is an indie wellness brand created by Mexican-Cuban yogaini Josie Castaneda. She creates artisanal apothecary remedies for individuals to reconnect to the sacred, natural world and bring harmony into their lives.

Price $30


Mini Sage Kit

Photo: thealmightypineapple.com

A White Sage stick, about 3-4 inches long, with an Abalone Shell. This is a cleansing tool to remove negative energies & lower vibrations. To be used for yourself, home, crystals, etc.

Price $16.00


Tres Mujeres Candles

Photo: chiquitabrujita.com

These bomb candles are made by Chiquita Brujita, a third generation Nuyorican Bruja, performance artist, and conjurer of fiestas. These bellitas are essential when praying to your ancestors and letting the multiple energies of the divine feminine light your path. Mother, Lover, Warrior. Yemaya, Ochun, Oya. Sold as a set of three.

Price $30


Archangel Blend Smudge Blend

Photo: hausofhoodoo.com

Haus of Hoodoo founder Jessica Winston specializes in smudge blends like Archangel Blend, (pictured above) used to call on your guardians and protectors during protection rituals and a boost of protective energy is needed.

Price $9


“Trust Your Intuition” Tee

Photo: anniethealchemist.com

Annie the Alchemist started out as a fashion blogger but has recently taken a deep dive into her spiritual side. Reiki Certified Annie Vazquez leads workshops on everything from creating your personal intentions to chakra balancing 101 class and meditation. Her T-shirts are a hit and a serious conversation starter in any social setting.

Price $34


Infused Bath Soaks

Photo: breadxbutta.com

BreadxButta is a lifestyle brand based out of Brooklyn, NY. Their products range from wearable fine art garments and jewelry to a herbal CBD wellness line called ‘Botanica’. Their Infused Bath Soaks Botanica’s Bath Soaks are made with pure Hemp, aromatherapeutic essential oils, natural fragrances, clarifying charcoal, and magnesium-rich Epsom salts. All intended to leave your skin looking radiantly healthy and feeling silky soft.

Price $38


The Bruja Toolkit aka Travel Altar in a Box

Photo: theflowerchildbruja.com

Taylor Cordova is a Phoenix Arizona born artist, designer + bruja obsessed with flowers and all things earth magick. The Flower Child Bruja created the perfect gift for the bruja who is always on the go in need of sacred space. It includes: California white sage smudge stick, palo santo sticks, juniper smudge stick, mugwort smudge stick, dragons blood resin coated white sage smudge stick, amethyst geode, quartz point, selenite rose, selenite wand, rose quartz, black tourmaline, flower pressed candles, matches, seashells and a mini abalone.

Price $88


A 30-minute tarot session via Google Hangout

Photo: myurbanillumination.com

What better way to hook up your fellow bruja than with a session with intuitive tarot reader and spiritual wellness guide Tatianna Tarot. Fair warning: book ASAP. Half an hour is a good amount of time for those who want to review some things in their life or are seeking general insight. Prepare your detailed questions, topics or concerns in advance.

Price $80


90-Minute Lighthouse Session

Photo: jessicajade.co

Part of embracing your spirituality is becoming more self-aware and what better way to do that than with a session with a self-care and feminine health expert Jessica Jade. She loves empowering women of color, especially Afro-Latinas, to cultivate their own spiritual practice and manifest healthy relationships. Gift yourself and the bruja in your life a 90-minute Lighthouse Session to jump-start your wellness journey.

Price $99


Large Luna Studs

Photo: luni.style/shop

Nothing says bruja like falling in love with the moon and all of its phases. Luni Style makes every piece of ring, necklace and so much more out of straight-up love. Her Luna Studs are just one of the many buys the brujas in your life will love and appreciate.

Price $65


Women’s Brujeria Antigold T-Shirt

Photo: piritees.co

When you need help conjuring your inner brujeria/voodoo priestesses, wear this. Founder and Afro-latina badass Sandra Martinez, also known as “Bibi”, colors outside the lines by championing for an increase in mental health awareness, proudly celebrating black and brown bodies, and speaking up against injustices occurring within marginalized communities.

Price $28


Azucenas Print for Hurricane Maria Relief

Photo: ilovemuza.com

Gift with a cause? Yup, we love the sound of that too. Azucenas is a flower that blooms in sunny Puerto Rico. Women use it around the house to cleanse and take out bad vibes and to give their rooms an aromatic smell that brings ease and peace of mind. MUZA was created by self-taught designer and artist Polet Guzmán, a Puerto Rican native now based in New York.

Price $10


Death Tarot Bath Bomb

Witch Baby Soap’s products are handmade and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. If you’ve got a bruja who loves her baths then this is right up her witchy alley. All you need to do is drop this yellow and black coffin into the bath and be reborn in this blood red apple scented bath. And, don’t be afraid of the death connotation, where there’s death, there is rebirth, bruja.


Amethyst Cluster

Photo: thehoodwitch.com

To say getting a crystal or 5 for the bruja in your circle is a must would be an understatement. Crystals give life to a room, purse or sacred space. You cannot go wrong with a crystal and essential one to have is Amethyst because it relieves stress, increases spiritual awareness, calms the nervous system and supports sobriety. And, according to the famous Hood Witch’s site, it’s the most effective of crystals for healing people and plants that won’t grow. Note that each mineral is one of a kind, no two have the same points, so formations will vary depending on inventory.

Price  $8

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