Back to School? The Reality of Homeschooling in 12 Hilarious Memes

How to educate your kids is a decision each parent has to make now in the midst of a pandemic that has left a lot of us between a rock and a hard place

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

How to educate your kids is a decision each parent has to make now in the midst of a pandemic that has left a lot of us between a rock and a hard place. The two (pretty terrible) options of keeping our kids home while attending school via Zoom, or pulling them all out together and homeschooling kind of both suck. It’s why most of us have decided in the past to let highly-qualified, educated, and experienced teachers do what they do best — teach children about everything from math to social studies to phys ed. But, thanks to coronavirus, mow we are forced to suddenly become educators on top of everything else. And it is NOT AN EASY JOB.

It’s stressful and completely out of parents’ comfort zone, but teaching your own kids makes for some hilarious moments. So much so, that tons of funny gifs and memes about homeschooling have popped up online. Are you a frazzled parent who sucks at math? Grab a glass of wine, take a breather, and have a good laugh at these homeschooling gifs and memes. You are not alone.

We Need Teachers

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If you didn’t appreciate teachers enough before, you probably adore them now. How do they get your kids to pay attention and listen? How do they know so much and then know how to deliver that information effectively to kids with zero attention span? A world without teachers would be a total mess.


Which Type of Home Schooler Are You?

Which kind of homeschooling parent are you? Sparkly, Disney princess, morning person who is ready to start the day at 7 am? Or a mom falling asleep at the kitchen counter at 10 praying that the coffee finally kicks in before getting the lesson plan started. Some are one, other parents are the other, and most live somewhere in between. And it’s all okay!


Gross Incompetence

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One of the best parts of graduating school and becoming an adult is leaving behind hard school subjects and forgetting about having to figure out difficult algebra equations and memorizing chemical elements. Ah, yet homeschooling has thrust adults back to school, years, often decades after leaving a classroom. Common feeling: gross incompetence!


But We Are Acing Kindergarten Math!

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Parents are back in school with their kids, revisiting all sorts of subjects, and having to grasp them enough to then teach their children about them. Everyone is jealous of the parents with kids in early elementary school, who get to deal with basic adding and subtracting handwriting, shapes, reading, and tons of coloring.


Moms Who Work and Home School Their Kids

We would like to give props to the moms out there who are both working from home and teaching their kids. It’s truly two full-time jobs in one (actually, being a stay-at-home mom has been credited as having two full-time jobs, as the work never ends). Don’t be surprised if you start the first day of homeschooling feeling like Mary Poppins, and end the week looking for the available liquor in the house.


Great. Just Great.

How do schools get kids to act right?! How?! That’s what many parents are wondering now that they have to be parent, teacher, principal, lunch lady, and janitor for their children. Remember, it’s a new experience, and you are learning and adjusting, right alongside your kiddos. You got this!


It’s Time for a Fire Drill!

Need a moment away from your homeschooled kids? Time for a fire drill! This funny meme lets the neighbors know that your kids needed some supervised fresh air and sunshine, and you needed a 5-minute break.


When You Just Cannot

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There are going to be times where you momentarily give up and let your kids do whatever they want. Even painting your shoes. Hey, you can say it’s part of their art class. Parenting is hard, y’all.


Summer Reading List

Remember the summer reading lists your kids would get at the end of each school year? There’s no need to stop that now that they are being homeschooled by you. According to this hilarious meme, if you mute their TV shows and movies, and add subtitles, it becomes instant reading. Win-win for everyone.


I Don’t Get it Either

Don’t remember or understand your kid’s homework? You’re definitely not alone. All you can do is your best, and do a bunch of Googling to find the answer. Ask a friend? Get a lifeline? Teachers are truly not paid enough for their work.


I’m Going to Need Wine for This

Too much of anything can make you frazzled. Even your own kids. You may start the day off with some coffee, but end the day with a nice glass of red wine. Ain’t no shame in your game. After all, you can only hear about your kids’ nightly dreams for so long.


Some New Classes for the School Year

Hey, you have to make this quarantine homeschooling situation work for you, no? In addition to the mandatory classes you have to teach your children, why not add some mandatory home classes of your own? Like AP chores; honors yard work; dishwashing 101; AP trash disposal; home economics, a.k.a. make your own lunch; and honors laundry. Your kids will be better for it, and you will be less stressed out.

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