HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Know to Start the Week of July 2nd

It’s almost as if the planets understand that this is a national holiday weekend, and they want us all to have a great time! Which is rather nice of them considering what they have cooking for the next new moon and the Great American Eclipse in August

Photo: Courtesy of Johanna Toruno

Photo: Courtesy of Johanna Toruno

It’s almost as if the planets understand that this is a national holiday weekend, and they want us all to have a great time! Which is rather nice of them considering what they have cooking for the next new moon and the Great American Eclipse in August. The time to really make big changes and commitments will be coming in the weeks to follow, where we will be empowered to make some of the biggest decisions of our life. But for now, it’s play time. See below.


You have a lot to gain from this week, if you can simply keep a low profile. That will be a bit hard with the planetary action in your chart: Mercury has been keeping you in an intense phase of thinking the past two weeks. And Pluto is doing a tango with the Sun, Pluto and the Moon that will not only fill you with a new burst of energy, but also tempt you to push the envelope a bit more aggressively than you normally would. If you can temper that energy however and proceed forward with your vision with great patience, you could find some of your deepest wishes coming true this week.


Get out of town. If you can sneak away for a long, holiday weekend — go for it. If you can be with people who have low-key vibes, even better. The Moon will play with your emotions a bit earlier in the week, and might create a sense of longing for emotional connections that are deep and meaningful. If a relationship close to you is a bit stressful, you might also find yourself pushing away from it a bit, and indulging in other things that are self-soothing (like tacos or Netflix.) Whatever the case, you need rest and care this week — and it’s important that you make room for that process now.


Good thing it’s a holiday weekend, because the planets have you fittin’ to party! Get out there this week and let your hair down. Your spirit could use the smiles and a break from the drama. Drama which I’d like to say will be low key this week, but some unexpected news could find you by the end of the week. It’s nothing you can’t handle. Midweek would be an amazing time to reflect on the year you’ve had so far and how you’d like to finish it up.


Nobody is perfect. Sometimes the people we love will disappoint us. And according to your charts this week, if a situation or a person lets you down, you have two options when it comes to proceeding forward. You can choose forgiveness, stay practical, and just move on. Or you can wallow in the experience, compare it to your past, and create a giant mountain out of a molehill. (You can send a special thanks to Venus and Pluto for that). No matter what the planets say, the choice is always yours.


This week you could win big. Which is nice because it’s almost as if the planets have been playing double dutch with you. You haven’t been able to tell when it’s really time for you to jump in the middle of the circle and shine your little heart out. This week’s influence from Jupiter will clear the self-doubt out of your head. Just stay calm, be confident (with a touch of humility too) and give your vision one more try.


Grab some shades and a bottle to pop. You’re like the senior classmate of the zodiac this week, and you ain’t trying to take anything too seriously. If you can make great plans for the holiday weekend, I say you let yourself get as wild and freaky as you want. Well, maybe not too freaky. Uranus in your chart this week could bring an unexpected surprise, so, ya know – at least wrap it up if you don’t want babies. If you can get it all out of your system now, those little changes and ideas that have been starting to creep in your thoughts will be easier to execute in a few weeks time when you’re ready to get back to work.


When you are ready to draw a line in the sand, it’s very clear who’s standing on either side. There’s been a build up to this happening for quite some time now, and you are getting closer to making your mark. Except with the Moon and the Nodes cradling your chart this week, I’m not sure that’s going to happen within the next seven days. It’s okay to take your time and make a decision. This week, planning something fun with a friend who is wise and could give you guidance might be great idea to help you sort things out.


Look, you little spitfire. There will be a year from today. I want you to remember that when you are thinking of blowing a situation up this week. You’ve been going back and forth between a negative influence for quite some time, and with Uranus whispering in your ear this week, you could feel like either pushing someone away for good, or making a bad situation even worse. Play the long game. You can get mad. You can get even. Or you can live well and in peace. Do whatever it takes to make it the latter.


This week will continue to multiply your abundance. Lucky you! Especially with the full moon in your chart at the end of the week — whatever you can get your hands on is up for the taking. Except if it’s someone else’s. Or something you should not have. Be careful with the confidence you’re feeling this week.  It is real, and you can trust it – just don’t abuse it.


Over the next several weeks, as Saturn prepares to go direct, you’ll begin to feel whatever doesn’t need to be in your life slowly slip away. That’s a good thing – you can’t fly to the moon with a thousand ton backpack strapped to your shoulders. Let the universe help you this week get lighter for your journey. Any feeling of isolation or loneliness this may bring is only a temporary buzz in the grand scheme of things. You’re time is on the horizon.


If they didn’t know before, you’re going to let them know it now: nobody can put Baby in the corner. Every rebellious theme song and quote is going to make your heart sing this week. And with the generosity of Uranus and Mercury bringing unexpected whisperings your way, it’s likely that you will have sharper insight this week to take bold steps forward and create an all new you. Go with the inspiration, whether it’s cutting your hair, or applying for a new job. Your independence is calling for your fullest attention now.


This is the kind of week where you could see some very long held dreams come true. Whether it’s your husband finally doing the laundry, or someone agreeing to buying your home. There could be some hiccups however — like maybe your husband throws a red shirt in with the whites. Or the offer is a bit lower than you expected. It doesn’t mean you still can’t get what you want — you just need a  bit of creativity and patience to make it happen. And you’ll have both in spades this week.

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