HipLatina Horoscopes: Everything You Need to Know to Start the Week of July 2nd

It’s almost as if the planets understand that this is a national holiday weekend, and they want us all to have a great time! Which is rather nice of them considering what they have cooking for the next new moon and the Great American Eclipse in August. The time to really make big changes and commitments will be coming in the weeks to follow, where we will be empowered to make some of the biggest decisions of our life. But for now, it’s play time. See below.


You have a lot to gain from this week, if you can simply keep a low profile. That will be a bit hard with the planetary action in your chart: Mercury has been keeping you in an intense phase of thinking the past two weeks. And Pluto is doing a tango with the Sun, Pluto and the Moon that will not only fill you with a new burst of energy, but also tempt you to push the envelope a bit more aggressively than you normally would. If you can temper that energy however and proceed forward with your vision with great patience, you could find some of your deepest wishes coming true this week.




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