“Hot Felon” Model Is Having a Baby With Billionaire Heiress

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Stockton, CA Police Department

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Stockton, CA Police Department


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Jeremy Meeks has lived a hard life. The 34-year-old former gang member from Stockton, California, has been notably known as the “hot felon” thanks to his mug shot that went viral in 2015. But according to police in the area, Meeks  was known as “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.” Despite his criminal record, which include multiple weapons charges and another arrest in 2002, his “hot felon” mug shot got a him a modeling contract. But that was just the beginning of this incredible story.

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Meeks, who at the time was married and a father to two boys, signed with an agent and his modeling contract and went straight to work because who wouldn’t? No one passes up an opportunity to make serious money especially if the demand is there. Fashion designers wanted Meeks to wear their clothes, they wanted him on the runway and magazine spreads.

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The life got even more interesting. While working in the fashion industry and attending swanky VIP parties, Meeks met Chloe Green. That name is not recognizable but in the socialite world, she’s very well known. Her father is billionaire Sir Philip Green who owns a slew of retail chains including Topshop.

The two began dating, even though Meeks was still married, but that marriage eventually dissolved to divorce. Now Meeks and Green were free to live up the good life. And according to Instagram they have been. Traveling here and there and professing their love for one another.


Now it’s being reported that Green is expecting his baby. So you know where this is going right? You must! Whether the couple marries or not, Meeks is pretty much set for life. And people on social media want the “hot felon” movie now. It’s not everyday you hear about a gang member who becomes a model and marries into a billionaire life.



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