How to Make the Most Out of First Impressions

Did you know that the brain only needs a few seconds to create a first impression of the person we are meeting? Yes–s-e-c-o-n-d-s.

What does this mean for you and I? That we must get our act together before we exit that front door every day! When we talk about first impressions, we sometimes limit our vision to a business situation. While that is one important area, where does it leave your everyday life? That area is as important as business meetings.

You never know if and when you are going to stumble upon a friend who could introduce you to a future boss, a person that could invite you to a mega event, your ex…. or your new amor! You cannot take that risk to be caught looking like %$#@&*%$*#! So how can we make sure to always produce a positive first impression without having to go to the beauty salon on the daily?

For me, it is more of a habit issue… I focus on a few essential aspects that will always give me a hand when meeting someone.

Hair as a Frame

Photo: Pexels

I have friends who must wash their oily hair daily, and I bow to them, because it is hard to keep up! But the truth is that it is very unpleasant to see a woman (or man, for that matter) with greasy hair.

Think of your hair as the frame of a painting. You can have a gorgeous face, but if your hair is dirty or messed up, you will not look good. By creating the habit of washing and styling your mane, you will ensure it stays healthy and pretty. Now, if your life is very hectic or you know you will have a crazy week, you can always put it up on a bun, a ponytail, or cover it with a silk scarf or trendy hat. Bottom line: do not go out with disastrous hair.




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