We’re Weathering Hurricane Florence With CNN’s Nick Valencia

Hurricane Florence is on its way

Photo: Unsplash/@shashanksahay

Photo: Unsplash/@shashanksahay

Hurricane Florence is on its way. If you live on the Eastern seaboard, you’ve already heard about the catastrophic hurricane that is headed right towards us. As of now it looks like the Carolinas and Georgia will get the brunt of the storm, which as of now is a category 4. Whether you’re staying put or evacuating, you’re probably glued to the news for the latest updates like we are. One of those people reporting the news minute-by-minute is CNN reporter Nick Valencia.

The Latino journalist is reporting from the beaches of South Carolina and will be staying put until after the storm.

“Headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, tonight ahead of Hurricane Florence,” Valencia said on Sept. 10 via Facebook. “Even while I was out covering Hurricane Gordon last week, our team had our eyes on this one churning towards the east coast. Millions will be impacted. Tune-in to our all day coverage starting tomorrow morning on CNN.”

We’re relying on him for the latest updates because for some reason or another it’s like we’re comforted by the fact that he is there on the ground (or maybe we just have a thing for CNN reporters?). Valencia is just like the older brother type who is comforting and reliable. Yes, we’re making a lot of assumptions there, but his reporting is on point, and even hilarious at times.

Yesterday, while interviewing a man in front of Costco, the L.A. native conducted the interview all the while the man had a parrot on his shoulder. Valencia never even acknowledged it! Talk about a true professional.

The moment was so funny that it sure made the tension of this hurricane a lot lighter.

His fans are also staying in touch with him on social media because Valencia isn’t a newcomer to hurricanes — he’s covered them several times before. “Hope your hat doesn’t fly off this time. Stay safe bro!” Sean Luevano tweeted at Valencia, to which he responded with “That’s funny you remember that. I’ll try to keep the wind from taking my hat this time.” Michele Spillane tweeted: “@CNNValencia Ugh, so much for paternity leave Nick…. please be soooo careful in NC.” “Absolutely! Gotta get back home to my baby girl when this is all over,” Valencia responded.

Thanks Nick, for helping us stay on top of things. Stay safe everyone!

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