Idaho Teachers Thought It Would Be Funny to Dress Up as Trump’s Border Wall. They Were Wrong.

For some Halloween is a time to transform into someone, or something, that shows others who we wish we could be

Photo: Unsplash/@bernardhermant

Photo: Unsplash/@bernardhermant

For some Halloween is a time to transform into someone, or something, that shows others who we wish we could be. Dressing up gives us courage to step out of our comfort zone and have fun. For others, Halloween serves as a way to also show our real selves. For a group of teachers and staff at Middleton Heights Elementary School in Idaho, they used Halloween as a means to spread hate and ignorance.

An image of staff at Middleton Heights Elementary School went viral on Twitter over the weekend because it showed them dressed as Trump’s border wall and in stereotypical Mexican costumes. According to WJLA, the images were originally posted on the school’s Facebook page, but have sine been removed.

Outrage spread on social media quickly. “Middleton Heights Elementary School in Middleton, Idaho, for shame! How stupid must you be!,” “Shame on them. How is this real life!?”

Fourteen staff members have since been placed on paid administrative leave. Superintendent Josh Middleton released a video on Facebook saying they are investigating the matter.

“This type of behavior has no place in education and certainly is not tolerated here at Middleton School District. This situation is being taken very seriously. We are in full support of our superintendent and administrative staff as a full investigation is being conducted, and are awaiting the results of the investigation,” he said. “This is an unfortunate incident of very poor judgment. Yet it is not indicative of the Middleton School District or our teachers as a whole.”

The ACLU of Idaho also released the following statement: “Regardless of the intent of a teacher’s actions in the classroom, we must focus on and give weight to the impact of such actions on the students who rely on teachers and other school officials for guidance and support throughout their educational experience. School districts, their staff and other agents have obligations under federal law, state law, and district policies to prevent and protect students, staff, and others from discrimination, bullying, intimidation, and harassment.”

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