Mexican Designer Ilse Valfré Creates a Cool Version of the Loteria Game

The Loteria continues to evolve and it’s a beautiful thing to watch

Photo: Instagram/valfre

Photo: Instagram/valfre

The Loteria continues to evolve and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. While the origins of the game date back to the 15th century, the most common and popular version that Mexicans have grown up with was created in 1887. Since then, we have seen a multitude of versions, but it’s extra heartwarming to see contemporary Mexican creatives think up new ways to play the game.

The latest artist to reimagine the Loteria is Mexican designer Ilse Valfré. The styles and designs of Valfré have been a making a splash in the indie fashion world for a few years now, and she’s a legit self-made chica that has taken her company to the next level. This is why her latest creation is even more incredible — we love to see her expanding her products but staying true to her roots and the Valfré girl.

The Valfré Loteria version is very similar in its packaging to the original. It includes eight Loteria playing boards, 56 cards with original Valfré artwork, and 80 markers. While some of the characters are true to the original Loteria — like, El Mundo, La Sirena, La Bota, La Sandia, there’s several that are completely new. Valfré create La Chamarra, La Mota, La Polaroid, La Plancha, and more.   And of course, we have our favorites: The Valfré mermaid, the Valfré girl holding up the world, El Lipstick, and more.

Here’s a brief sample:

Valfré did not stop at the just the board game, she’s also selling a slew of Loteria products including totes, shirts, poster prints, stickers, and wallets. All can be found on at But all of these things are available for a limited time only, so don’t even hesitate, get your stuff now before they sell out for good.

Which Loteria Valfré character is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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