Trump’s Impeachment In 7 Hilarious Memes

impeachment trump memesIf you’re into politics and fascinated with our government’s process of impeachment then you were like us yesterday, glued to the TV for hours upon hours of debating. Yesterday’s Impeachment Day was a long but overdue process that put President Donald Trump in his place. Before we get into the hilarity of it all, let’s get down to what his impeachment really means.

Unfortunately, Trump will remain in the White House — for now. Yesterday’s historic vote against Trump in the House of Representatives meant that Trump was impeached for violating the constitution under two articles. That has only happened three other times in the history of this republic. So, while Trump won’t be out of office (only because the Senate, who has more jurisdiction is lead by Republicans and they love Trump too much to do the right thing), he will have the stain of impeachment on his presidency forever.

The vote to impeach Trump was a very good thing for our democracy because it shows that our elected officials are protecting our constitution. So, while the GOP remains up the President’s butt, we can at least sleep better knowing that our government isn’t totally corrupt.

To celebrate this monumental affair here are seven memes that bask in Trump’s demise and made us laugh.




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