Biden Harris Inauguration Memes including Bernie Sanders and His Mittens

The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was full of historic moments but some of the most memorable moments have been turned into hilarious memes

Bernie Sanders Meme Inauguration

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The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was full of historic moments but some of the most memorable moments have been turned into hilarious memes. One of the most popular memes to come out of the inauguration is Bernie Sanders relaxing in his chair with his mask and mittens on. Powerful moments like Lady Gaga and JLo’s performances also turned into memes and we’ve compiled some of the best to come out of this memorable day.

Nothing like These Cobijas

Bernie Sanders cozied up while waiting for the ceremony to begin and the image became an instant meme. One of the most popular is this one featuring Sanders with a cobija cause we all know these are as warm and cozy as it gets.


When a meeting could’ve been an email

In this era of Zoom/Google meetings it seems like everything gets turned into an unnecessary meeting so this speaks to all of us.

When You’re Shooketh

JLo absolutely killed it during the ceremony and then she sang “Let’s Get Loud” and spoke in Spanish taking it to a whole other level.

Socializing Post-Pandemic

After almost a year of basically being inside all day with minimal socialization we’ve all essentially become hermits. We dream of going out but realistically the couch is king.


The Struggle is Real

JLo said part of the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, “Una nación, bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos.” Latin Americans throughout the US cheered, non-Spanish speakers were baffled.


Abuelas at Family Gatherings

Abuelas perpetually sit in silence and oversee all things, sometimes judging, sometimes sleeping, always when they’re with family.


Cold Weather Fashion

Most of us can’t be as stylish as Michelle Obama but especially when she’s all dressed up for a ceremony like this. She even made her mask look good.


When You’re Feeling Petty

Former President Donald Trump skipped a long-standing tradition of attending the inauguration of the incoming president. He did, however, leave a note in the White House for President Biden, no news on what it said but we can’t only guess.


JLo is Ageless

Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old. Take a moment to take that in then realize that most of will never look that good at her age.


How About that Immigration Reform?

President Biden ran on the promise that he would enact immigration reform and provide a pathway toward citizenship for Dreamers. It’s Day One and expectations are high for him to deliver.


Lady Gaga’s Latinx Influence

Gaga’s braids made some of us do a double take seeing the resemblance with Folkloric style. Many may not have known but we do.


Business Casual

When you have plans later but you know you have to make an appearance so you dress comfortably versus dressing to impress.


Did Someone Say Stimulus Check?

We all know $600 is nothing so we’re waiting on that $2000 stimulus check. Looks like $1400 might be coming but you know we’ve got our eyes on $2K.

wp_*postsCoco x Bernie Sanders

The now iconic image of Bernie Sanders at the inauguration is memorable but he’s outshined by Mama Coco. They do make a picturesque duo though.


Lady Gaga’s Quinceañera Vibes

The dress. The hair. The grandeur. Lady Gaga’s overall look gave us serious quinceañera vibes.


When Your Attire is A Little Off

We’ve all been there pre-pandemic days. You go casual and your friends show up all done up leaving you feeling all too basic.


Game of Mittens

This is what most of us would actually look like on the Iron Throne. Bernie Sanders, first of his name, tio to many, giver of zero f*cks.

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