Infertility Among Latinas: 7 Resources To Help You Cope

Infertility affects many yet it's rarely talked about and remains stigmatized among communities of color in particular

Infertilidad Latina infertility

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Infertility affects many yet it’s rarely talked about and remains stigmatized among communities of color in particular.  The journey to building a family can be emotionally exhausting and many women experience loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Latinas are among those who experience higher rates of infertility and research has shown that they are less likely to seek fertility treatments for reasons including lack of information and accessibility. There are many Latinx professionals specializing in infertility that stand as reminders that you are not alone on this journey. These seven Latina specialists have many words of encouragement and advice to share on how to cope with fertility and we’ve rounded up key words of wisdom so read on to learn more.


Charlandra Counseling

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Charlandra Counseling is an online counseling service that provides women with confidential video chat sessions. They offer one-on-one mental health and fertility counseling, couples counseling, support groups, and virtual therapy. Founder Anna Flores Locke is a Latina mom of two who created this space for women to share their infertility journeys and get the support they need during this challenging time in their lives.She wrote Body Betrayal – Understanding and Living With Infertility as an educational resource demystifying infertility. wp_*posts

Dr. Ali, MD | The Latina Doc

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Dr. Ali Rodriguez is the Latina OBGYN who is educating and empowering women about their health through informative reels/TikToks. With over one million followers on TikTok, she shares information and advice on health, pregnancy, and fertility issues that are common among Latinas and women in general. She encourages women to talk to their doctors about their bodies, side effects of medications they are taking, and options available to them. If you’re trying to conceive, she suggests knowing your medical history, eating healthy and exercising, and being up-to-date on your vaccines.


Infertilidad Latina Podcast

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The Infertilidad Latina Podcast is a space for women to listen and share stories about their infertility and IVF experiences. The trio of hosts, Blanca, Audrey, and Jasmine, have each been open about their own journeys with infertility to help destigmatize infertility. In one of their most recent episodes, they talk about how the imbalance of microbes in the body may cause infertility and provide resources for microgenesis testing.


Psychologist Paola Barrigguete

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Paola Barriguete is a psychologist, nutritionist, and lactation educator. She assists clients with infertility issues, reproduction, pregnancy, and pre and postpartum health. Her social media is filled with helpful tips and resources all related to family planning such as staying active. She says exercising for 30 minutes four to five times a week can help with reproductive and hormonal health.


Fertility Coach Monica Bivas

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Fertility coach and advocate Monica Bivas is helping women in their motherhood journey through a holistic approach. She provides emotional support, anxiety and stress tools, mentoring, and self-awareness resources to help women on their pregnancy or IVF journey. Aside from fertility coaching she also offers a Fertility Bundle Accelerator which helps you embrace the mind-body connection to conceive naturally.


Dr. Alex Carrasco

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Dr. Alejandra Carrasco is a physician and best-selling author of the book Bloom: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health, Cultivate Your Desires, and Reignite Your Spark. She is also the co-founder of Hey Mami, a podcast created to support women through their preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum journey. In one of her more recent podcast episodes, she brings in Dr. Nora DeBora to talk about how to improve egg quality through foods, nutrients, and healthy lifestyle. She suggests key nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, folate, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin A, and choline to balance your hormones and increase fertility.


Counselor Yesenia Caraballo

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Yesenia Caraballo is a licensed counselor and best-selling author of Buscando la Fertilidad: ¡Yo vencí la infertilidad y tú también puedes! She isn’t shy about sharing her story on infertility and living with endometriosis. She offers guidance and tools for women who feel lost, alone, or worried about their current situation. She also touches on societal pressures of having a baby and cultural views on IVF. Her tips on how to help someone who is infertile: 1) give her support, not opinions 2) repeat and validate her feelings even though you don’t understand them 3) don’t minimize her process and 4) hug her.

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