J.Lo Hosts Post-Christmas Glam Taco Party With the Kardashians

There seems to be a new tradition brewing thanks to Jennifer Lopez and it’s called Taco Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez Makes PEOPLE Magazines

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There seems to be a new tradition brewing thanks to Jennifer Lopez and it’s called Taco Wednesday. I typically associate Taco Wednesday (or Taco Tuesday) for lunch breaks or Happy Hour during the work, but not J.Lo. The singer and actress hosted this epic party right smack in the middle of the holidays. Think of it as a post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Eve shindig. And by the looks of it, this could be considered the most glamours taco party ever.

According to People magazine, Jennifer Lopez served a “full spread of taco fillings and toppings for the event — including rice, corn, queso, guacamole and a varied selection of salsas.” But clearly the best part about this swanky get together was the fact that she invited the Kardashians, including Kim, Kris, and Kourtney. And they were dressed to the nines!

Check out these pics.


TMZ is also stating that: “celeb guests hangin’ at J-Rod’s house in Bel-Air.” I had to do a double take on that one. Since when did Alex Rodriguez move in? That’s definitely news to me.

While I know they spent their first Christmas together, I had no idea they were living together, which doesn’t really matter at this point, but is still fairly interesting.

But back to the taco party. I am so jealous that anyone could host such a huge party, serve tacos, look amazingly glamorous all on a Wednesday when I am still recovering from Christmas while also trying to muster the energy to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

I mean look at this:


Drinks, glittery gowns, classy singalongs, it’s too much! And I want in!!

Okay, enough with the drama. But in all seriousness, major props to J.Lo for hosting a super chic party for her closest friends and living it up on the last days of 2017. Feeling very inspired to get out of my pajamas now.

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