Jacqie Rivera Shares Transformation After Dramatic Weight Loss

Jacqie Rivera, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, recently disclosed her transformation both personally and physically

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Jacqie Rivera, the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, recently disclosed her transformation both personally and physically. In an interview with People magazine, Jacqie talked about her dramatic weight loss and the new season of her reality show “The Riveras” on Univision.


Jacqie said that her process of reevaluating her life sprouted as she went through a divorce after five years of marriage. She said she knew that in order to get her life back in order as a single mom, she wanted to lead by example.

What motivated me is my children. I was starting to see that I didn’t have enough energy to be a good mom, and I wanted to be a good example,” Jacqie said to People, “As you can see in my social media, I’m staying focused. I don’t work out all the time but when I can — and I’m just eating healthy. It actually makes me feel better. I just have more energy now, so I think I’m going to keep doing it.”

Jacqie, an aspiring singer, lost a total of 70 pounds and documented her routine on her Instagram.

Here’s Jacqie less than a year ago.

“The Riveras,” which follows the life of Jenni’s kids: Chiquis, 32; Jacqie, 28; Michael, 26; Jenicka, 20 and Johnny, 16, returns to TV on March 11.

So what can we expect this season from this famous family?

We are all being honest and raw about things that we are gong through,” Jacqie said to Billboard. “The confessionals you see on TV served this year as therapy. When my mom passed away we were trying to find ourselves and who we are without Jenni.”

While the show is about Jenni’s kid, it also looks into how they keep the memory of her mother alive, and branch out into their own avenues from careers in Hollywood and advocacy work.

It’s sometimes overwhelming doing everything I do,” Jacqie said to People. “Being a single mom of three and working for my mom’s nonprofit organization and even trying to pursue my own dreams and goals. It’s all balance. And staying close to God because that’s the only way I can stay sane.”

Watch the trailer for “The Riveras” below:

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