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Sasha Merci and Dee Nasty Go From Instafamous to TV With Like, Share, Dimelo

Johanna Ferreira
It seems as if everyone is trying to achieve instant Instagram fame these days but if you’re an aspiring actor, the real challenge becomes: How do you go from Instafamous to landing a TV show on network television? Comedians and...
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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Tackles ICE Detention Centers and Immigration in Final Season

Virginia Isaad
After seven successful seasons on Netflix, Orange Is the New Black is wrapping up with a binge-worthy final season focusing on immigration and immigrant detention centers. In season 7, OITNB doesn’t shy away from showcasing the inhumane treatment of women...
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‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Three Recap: It’s Love!

Priscilla Blossom
Chapter Ninety-Three of Jane the Virgin has everything: musical numbers, tequila shots, Instagram stalking, bodyguards, jail time, the smell of weed—you name it. And with only seven episodes left, as you might imagine, the writer’s are closing up even more...
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The Pineapple Diaries Web Series is All About the Dominican-American Experience in Boston

Johanna Ferreira
For a lot of Latinas who grew up in the states, seeing characters in films or movies that reflected our experiences were hard and rare to come by. That lack of reflection was what inspired Dominican-American writer, director, and actress...