‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Six Recap: Jane Needs An Agent

Alright, Jane fans! First thing’s first

Photo: Instagram//cwjanethevirgin, CW

Photo: Instagram//cwjanethevirgin, CW

Alright, Jane fans! First thing’s first. Jane’s finally done it. After being in and out of the zone, she’s finally finished writing her second book. And in Chapter Ninety-Six, we get to follow our heroine on her next adventure: finding an agent to help get her passion project published! But first, let’s check in on a few of the other characters. 

Petra and Magda

In the previous episode, we left off with Magda and Petra getting into a car accident. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad, for Petra anyway. She spends this episode with her arm in a cast. Her mom, however, is in the hospital and in much worse shape, having suffered some pretty bad damage to her leg, among other things. The doctors end up recommending she have it amputated, and when she does, she ends up on life support. 

Petra acts like it’s not a big deal and in some ways, it isn’t. We’ve seen Petra mourn her relationship with her mother for years. When the doctors ask her to come to sign the DNR paperwork on her mother, she finally comes to terms with this lengthy loss. When it comes to saying goodbye, she doesn’t feel anything for her mom, and that’s what she’s really sad about. But of course, being a telenovela, Magda regains consciousness at the very last moment. So I guess we’ll have to see if this mother/daughter relationship will ever be repaired, or if Petra’s doomed to deal with her cockroach of a mother for life.

Ro, River, and Baby Make Three

At the start of the episode, Rogelio and River find out that while the pilot is performing well with test audiences, their particular characters just aren’t as beloved as the two young stars. They launch a plan to edit their scenes to make them appear more youthful and intriguing but fail to get this revised pilot to the executives in time. 

When Ro tries to scheme his way into the remote retreat where the executives are, his plan is foiled by Baby. Rather, Darcy calls in a favor and tells Ro he needs to be more present for his daughter. Moments later, he witnesses Baby take her first steps. That’s when he realizes that Darcy was right. 

He ends up telling River he’s alright with taking a smaller role on Passions. River meanwhile isn’t happy about that because her own relationship with her daughter is strained. Rogelio vows to help her repair the relationship, so we’ll see how this goes. I wonder where her muscular beau from the last episode went, though?

Luisa and the Half Dozen Roses

Luisa shows up at Rafael’s doorstep begging for forgiveness and a tie tack that their father had. It’s all a scheme to help Rose with something, of course, but Raf doesn’t buy it for a second. We then realize that Luisa was being played too. It’s not the tie tack they were after, but Rafael’s safe combination. They end up breaking into the safe later on and finding what Rose was truly after: an imprint of Raf’s father’s fingerprint, hidden inside a watch, and used to open a safe full of giants stacks of money. 

What does any of this mean? And will we ever figure out everything that drives Rose into being Rose? Not likely, but what we do know is there are now about six different women all wearing Rose masks and what they’re up to next is anyone’s guess.

Jane The Step-Mother, Jane The Repped Writer

Jane navigates two identities this episode: becoming a step-mom to Petra’s daughters and the struggle to find an agent for her novel. Jane works hard to be accepted by the twins but struggles initially when they act out. She ends up ratting them out to their mom, and they respond by telling her they don’t hang out with narcs. 

At the same time, Jane starts to lose hope when her mentor’s lover decides to not represent her as her agent. Jane tries reaching out to other agents but keeps getting rejected. Jane decides she won’t keep writing if she’s unable to find an agent (which is a bit drastic, but whatever). In a moment of desperation, she hatches a plot with her father to get her manuscript at the top of the pile sitting on Isabel Allende’s agent’s desk. A bit extreme? Sure. But hey, this is a telenovela.

Rafael asks Jane to watch the girls on the same afternoon of her novel plan, which initially feels like a wrench but ends up actually working out well. The girls even help Jane get to the office she needs to sneak into. It makes Jane realize that she needs a more personal connection with the girls and helps them finally move into the next phase of their relationship. 

Unfortunately, though, Jane gets a swift rejection from that agent as well. It seems like it might finally be the end of our heroine’s writing career, but that just wouldn’t be right. Sure enough, at one of the most inappropriate moments in the episode (just before Petra’s supposed to unplug her mom), Jane gets another call: an agent has finally agreed to represent her! So I guess this means Jane will be doing some more writing after all.

Final Notes

– Mateo finally reading from his mother’s own book was a really endearing moment.

– We need more scenes with Ro and Baby.

– Can Magda and Rose just go away already?

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