Jane the Virgin Chapter Ninety: The Beginning Of The End

Alright, Jane fans, we’re now up to Chapter Ninety and that means the beginning of the end of our favorite telenovela

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Alright, Jane fans, we’re now up to Chapter Ninety and that means the beginning of the end of our favorite telenovela. In our last episode, Jane was coming to terms with her breakup with Rafael, Ro and Jane were writing a new pilot, Petra was doing damage control, and Jorge finally came clean regarding his feelings for Alba. This episode picks up right where we left off.

This Is Mars…Where Parents Will Do Anything For Their Kids

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Remember how Justin Hartley had a cameo in the last episode? The This Is Us references continue in Chapter Ninety—this time with Jane and Rogelio putting together a new version of The Passions… called This Is Mars. It’s…basically as absurd as it sounds, and involved Rogelio and River playing future versions of their characters…in Mars. And because we’re going to need a happy ending to this telenovela, Jane and Ro actually sell this concept to the studio.

However, their joy is cut short when Jane finds out that Rogelio’s big secret. Apparently, he promised to pay her publishers the difference if her book did not sell 10,000 copies—yikes. Ro tries his best to apologize. But it isn’t until Jane witnesses an interaction between Xo and Alba (where Alba reminds Xo that she can and will always do everything she can for her child) that Jane realizes Ro’s actions came from a good place. Plus, it’s not like she’d be the first to accept some help from her rich, celeb dad.

The Countdown To Sex

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Alba’s deserved a happy ending for a long time, and it seems like she’s about to get it as Jorge proposes to her within the first few minutes of the episode! However, it appears that while Alba and Jorge have been on and off for quite some time, they’ve somehow never been intimate. Alba, being old school Catholic, refuses to allow her beau into her nether regions until they’re married in front of god, so to speak. But going without can be rough, especially when you’re really, really into someone. Jorge and Alba have some pretty steamy scenes together—so much so that they decided to push their wedding up from a few months to the next day.

With a little help from Jane and Xo, Alba is able to put together the second wedding of her dreams in no time. And once they finally say their “I Do’s,” the long wait is over. In fact, even the church choir and guests all remind Alba that she’s finally ready and able to have sex again. Good for the less-younger couple consummating!

Trouble In Petraland

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Petra ends up asking JR to spend some solo time with the girls. Unfortunately, she forgets to discuss what is and isn’t allowed as far as discipline is concerned, and JR inadvertently crosses a line by shouting at the girls when they’re being bratty. In her defense, the girls are definitely out of control. On the other hand, Petra’s daughters are spoiled because of her (and also just saw a guy get shot), so maybe everyone needs to lay off.
Petra gets upset about JR’s discipline tactics and it becomes a conflict. JR eventually apologizes, though, and all is well in the land once more. The girls even begin to imitate them (highest form of flattery, you know!), so in the end it seems like the pair will get over this as well.

What’s The Deal With Luisa?

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Luisa finally makes an appearance in this episode to ask Rafael if she can meet his kids. Raf agrees to asking their respective mothers her ideas (and Jane says yes). He even makes plans so the three can go to the beach. Unfortunately, just as they’re walking out, Raf gets a call. The message? Some of Rose’s money has been placed into an account traced back to Sin Rostro. But does Luisa actually know what’s happening? Is she in on it again, or is she simply being played? The saga continues!

Final Notes

– What is that sketch dude doing inside of Raf’s apartment?
– I know this is just me being #TeamMichael but…is his storyline really done, then? Can we at least see a happy montage of his new life in Montana?

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