‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Three Recap: It’s Love!

Chapter Ninety-Three of Jane the Virgin has everything: musical numbers, tequila shots, Instagram stalking, bodyguards, jail time, the smell of weed—you name it

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Photo: Jane the Virgin / The CW

Chapter Ninety-Three of Jane the Virgin has everything: musical numbers, tequila shots, Instagram stalking, bodyguards, jail time, the smell of weed—you name it. And with only seven episodes left, as you might imagine, the writer’s are closing up even more storylines. Last week, we left off with River obsessively plotting over Rogelio, Jane and Raf continuing to use behavioral therapy to help Mateo, and Petra still longing over JR. Here’s what happened next (and yes, MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t watched yet!):

Mateo’s Situation

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Mateo’s class is performing a musical, and Mateo seems excited about playing the part of a tree. But when he gets kicked out for being disruptive at practice, Jane and Xo decide to try and teach him his song and dance number at home. They do well (maybe because he was on a one-on-one situation), but the night of the performance, a crying baby in the audience triggers him into a full-blown meltdown. Jane and Raf had been trying to stay away from meds, but it’s clear now that Mateo’s ADHD is much more intense than they realized. The co-parents finally make the difficult decision to get him medicated—and honestly, it sounds like the best route for all. As a parent, I’m glad that the Jane writers added this storyline to highlight the challenges of raising a child with ADHD, and how parents may inevitably decide it’s time to opt for medication. No stigma. I like it.

Ro and #LairdOfTheRing

Jane the Virgin / The CW

After Rogelio rejected River, he was (rightfully) concerned that she would somehow retaliate. His paranoia eventually leads him to hire a bodyguard who actually turns out to be less into protecting Ro and more into getting with River. The whole thing plays out properly—especially when we find out that Rogelio hired the guard at Darci’s suggestion. Oh, that Darci knows how to match people up, alright.

Krishna and Milosh In Cahoots

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Krishna is back in Petra’s life, and while it seems fine at first, we later find out she’s working for Milosh. Milosh is trying to get Petra to perjure herself so he won’t sell the hotel, but she straight up refuses. Not entirely sure why Krishna is working with Milosh (or could she actually be pretending to work with him for Petra’s sake?), but I guess we’ll have to see how this all pans out.

Three’s A Crowd

Jane the Virgin / The CW

And finally, our stars: Jane and Raf are doing pretty well at this being friends and co-parents thing. That is…until Jane ends up meeting Julie—the girl Raf’s been dating. Jane tries to play it cool, with the exception of stalking her Instagram (never look at someone’s stories unless you want them to know it was you). But then Julie posts a pretty hurtful story calling Jane Raf’s “clingy baby mama” and Jane does not handle it well. Fortunately, Petra sets her straight and reminds her to be the bigger person.

Jane ends up using this advice when Julie confronts her to ask if there’s still anything between her and Raf. Jane says no and basically gives her blessing. And at another point, Jane also tells Rafael that she approves of Julie and that he should maybe give her another shot. We can see that even Raf doesn’t appear to be entirely on board with this idea, but he gives it another go. He’s still trying to “test the waters” out there and such.

But then something happens. After Rafael helps Jane find the perfect apartment for her to move into, he asks her to reconsider. Jane seems confused, but you can probably hear the audience screaming at this point. He tells her he’s done with Julie, done with dating, because there was something missing this whole time: Love. He still loves Jane, folks! Even this former #TeamMichael fan can see that we can’t deny the connection that’s developed over the years between these two.

Jane the Virgin / The CW

And then, with both their hearts glowing, and underneath a tree filled with white flower petals you just KNOW are going to snow down upon them, they kiss! It becomes a whole musical number and everyone’s in on it (hell, even Julie!) Finally, it looks like we’ve got our answer. #Jafael are end game, y’all.

Final Notes

– I wonder what’s going to happen with Xo’s storyline. She’s feeling restless and doesn’t know what to do after beating cancer. I keep fearing she might talk about having a baby now or something, but hopefully not (plus not even sure that’s possible for her anymore).

– Seriously, can we just close the Rose and Luisa storyline finally?

– While it took me a long time to get to this point, I can finally appreciate Jafael. Because hey, love isn’t always perfect. It doesn’t always have a storybook ending the way it would have had she ended up with Michael. And just because it isn’t “perfect” doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exploring, or that it doesn’t turn out for the best. Rafael has acted like a putz sometimes, but Jane’s also made some lousy choices in the past. Maybe they’ve both grown enough to finally accept each other for good.

– I really hope Petra has a happier ending than what she’s currently got. She hasn’t always been good, but she kinda deserves it at this point, right?

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