What We Can Learn From ‘Jane The Virgin’s Career Ups And Downs

If you’re a fan of the quirky drama Jane the Virgin, then you are very familiar with the show’s star Gina Rodriguez. She plays Jane Villanueva, a hopeless romantic, virgin (at the start of the show, anyway), widow, single mom, and proud Latina. Her adventures for the past several seasons have involved her figuring out and then pursuing her ultimate dream of becoming a published romance author. And she’s finally there!

Well, wait, the story doesn’t end here. Jane has had many career ups and downs while in the pursuit of her ultimate dream and she’s not done yet. Along the way, Jane has made a few mistakes (like at first going after a degree in teaching because she was too afraid to pursue her real dream of writing) and she’s had some major setbacks (like quitting her job in publishing only to realize that her book advance isn’t all it is cracked up to be). But she’s also persevered and kept going even through the toughest of times, often with the help of her loving mom and abuela. If you’re anything like Jane and looking to pursue your dream career, here are some things you can learn from her ups and downs during the past four seasons.

Don’t be afraid to take a temporary job while you figure it all out. 

When we first meet Jane Villanueva, she is working as a waitress at the Marbella Hotel in Miami. Meanwhile, she is going to school to become a teacher (what she believes to be her dream career at the time) and keeping this job in order to make ends meet. In fact, it’s a job that she goes back to over and over again. Why? Because she knows that having a temporary job just to pay the bills is okay. If anything, if doing this can help you achieve your dreams even sooner, then more power to you!




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