2019’s First Full Moon Will Be The Burst of Energy You Need for the Next 6 Months

January’s Full Moon on 20-21 will, like clockwork, bring up all of which needs to come up to the surface to your very eyes

Photo: Unsplash/@gkumar2175

Photo: Unsplash/@gkumar2175

January’s Full Moon on 20-21 will, like clockwork, bring up all of which needs to come up to the surface to your very eyes. Which is one of the reasons why intuitive and Reiki master Susanna stays in during the full moon.
“I stay in during the full moon and work self-healing work also known as shadow work. Because the moon is very communicative. I tap into that energy to speak to spirit and my ancestors to ask for guidance,” she says.
Physically you will feel drained but emotionally you might feel scattered or even restless. Take a deep dive into these emotions because spirit’s message will be loud and clear during this time.
But you have to pay attention, which is why Susanna stays in and takes an herbal bath. She shares her monthly full moon ritual with us.
Susanna’s Full Moon Ritual:
Herbal bath:
  • Read affirmations before getting into your bath
  • Add lavender and bubbles
  • Take in this reflective moment
  • Ask your guides to protect and guide you
  • Finally, ask yourself: What is my subconscious trying to tell me, because the moon governs the subconscious.

When she sits in water she’s able to be in-tuned with her dark self in a compassionate way. And that’s the perfect time to allow your aura to shift.
“Work through her energy. Look for the subconscious aspects of your life that are bothering you. Like, why do we choose bad relationships? Ask yourself the hard questions,” she adds.
Susanna had a leg up on tapping into her intuitive self because both of her parents are very spiritual. Her great grandmother was a high priestess and her father is still a practicing brujo, supporting her with spiritual cleanses and advise. But it wasn’t until she went in for a Reiki session where her soul completely opened up. At first, she did free tarot readings to start practicing and then started charging $10 per reading and now has attracted people from around the world from Spain to Germany via video chat.
Which is why she urges business owners and those alike to take a step back because this month’s moon is in Capricorn, the goat who climbs any and all mountains to attain their goals.
“The moon is going to be very interactive with Capricorn and Saturn for the next 6 months. That’s going to open up a whole new chapter, especially with a lunar eclipse.”
Which she warns, will have people feel all types of “loony.”
At the end of this month, you will see a lot of people “lunay”. Capricorns are disciplined and determine and that’s the kind of energy you want to start the new year with.
But because of the moon’s energy, she says that the one thing you should avoid is conflict. This is just not the right time.

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