Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Don’t Care What You Think About Their Engagement

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged this weekend and it’s all anyone is talking about these days

Photo: Instagram/jlo

Photo: Instagram/jlo

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged this weekend and it’s all anyone is talking about these days. It looks like A-Rod popped the questions over the weekend because, on Sunday, he and Lopez shared a picture of her massive diamond ring to Instagram. If you’re a fan of the celebrity couple — like I am — chances are you were pretty hyped over the news. But while some of us have been rejoicing, others have been hating like, former Yankees player Jose Canseco who publicly accused A-Rod of cheating on J.Lo with his ex-wife. Oh god.

If you’ve been following the lovely couple, you’ll know that these two have practically been inseparable since they first started dating in February 2017. Their relationship — at least from the outside — looks like its filled with love, support, and genuine friendship. In fact, A-Rod has become J.Lo’s biggest cheerleader. He’s at all her shows and events, often seen in the crowd cheering her on and sharing on Instagram. They work out together, attend red carpet events together, celebrate every holiday and special occasion together, and are always singing each other’s praises. Even their kids get along and together they’ve made a big beautiful family, so it was only a matter of time before A-Rod proposed. These two are meant to be together and I — along with the rest of the world — couldn’t be happier for them. Even Ellen DeGeneres is excited and tried taking credit for it.

Rodriguez proposed to Lopez during their weekend beach getaway and the ring was massive.

But there’s always a hater out there trying to wreck someone else’s happiness. Canseco seemed to think it was appropriate to get on Twitter and tell the world that Rodriguez has been cheating on J.Lo all this time with his ex-wife Jessica. Even if that was even remotely true, who goes on Twitter to out someone like that? You know, aside from Khloe Kardashian.

Fortunately, Lopez and Rodriguez are both taking the high road and seem pretty unbothered by the chismes. In fact, neither one of them has yet to address the rumors and according to reports, it’s because they don’t really care. But this story isn’t about Canseco and his embarrassing tweets. This is about how not caring about others opinions has played a huge role in why Lopez and Rodriguez have had such relationship success.

This is Lopez’s fifth engagement and will be A-Rod’s second marriage. Lopez has been married three times so far with ex-husbands, Chris Judd, Ojani Noa, and Marc Anthony, who is also the father of their twins Max and Emme. But here’s what I love about Lopez. She’s the kind of person that would probably keep getting married until she meets the right person and could care less what anyone has to say about it. She’s a big believer in love and a hopeless romantic who never gave up on finding the love she wanted and always deserved, even if it meant marrying and getting engaged a few times. In a world where women are constantly getting crap for owning our sexuality and criticized for how many men we date, sleep with, or marry, I admire a woman who refuses to give in to the bullshit that only further oppresses and limits us as women.

The truth of the matter is, that men hardly get criticism for how many women they’ve been with or married. Meanwhile, there are articles out there just about all the men Lopez has married or almost married. There are articles and forums dedicated to all the engagement rings she’s had and it’s because the world is fascinated with the idea of a woman dating around or marrying multiple times. As for the chismes, we’ve been hearing rumors of Rodriguez cheating on Lopez since their union began and frankly it’s getting old. Whether you’re pro Lopez and Rodriguez getting married or not, I’m ALL for an unapologetic woman who chooses to find love on her own terms while washing out the noise of uninvited opinions and rumors she probably deals with on a regular basis. 

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