J.Lo’s 12 Biggest Hits We Pray Make the Super Bowl Halftime Show Playlist

The long-awaited Super Bowl LIV is here! We’re not referring to the actual game though

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The long-awaited Super Bowl LIV is here! We’re not referring to the actual game though. We’re talking about the halftime show we’ve only been talking about for the last year. It’s going to be the mother of all halftime shows, as it’s the first one featuring the hottest Latina artists of our generation on the biggest stage. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been sharing clips of their rehearsals for months now. It’s anyone’s guess what songs we can expect, but one thing is for sure, the anthem for the night is going to be “Let’s Get Loud” which happens to be one of J.Lo’s greatest hits. Will it make the cut? I’m willing to bet YES! But let’s take a look at some of her best musical hits over the years and see if she brings a little “Jenny from the Block” moments mixed in with a little “On the Floor” action to get everyone up and moving. Like J.Lo shared on her Instagram post, “The countdown is on. Are you ready?” 


“Jenny from the Block”

Released in 2002, off of Lopez’s third studio album This Is Me…Then, “Jenny from the Block” is arguably one of the most recognizable songs this Latina sensation is known for. A little R&B mixed in with some old school hip-hop featuring rappers Jadakiss and Styles P. Who can forget the video featuring her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck. The song reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s one of her most iconic songs reminding us that despite her bling, she’s still that fly girl from the Bronx we all know and love!


Waiting for Tonight

From Lopez’s debut studio album On the 6, “Waiting for Tonight” was the third single released in 1999 and received rave reviews from various media outlets. According to Wikipedia, “People magazine stated that it became the “turn-of-the-millennium” club anthem.” One of her signature tunes earning Lopez her first Grammy Award nomination, for Best Dance Recording. The video itself received multiple nominations for its choreography and capturing the essence of the Y2K phenomenon. Lopez is seen dancing the night away in a futuristic video glowing with her rhinestones all toned and bronzed amid the green lasers. Not much has changed, as she defies the signs of any aging.


“If You Had My Love”

The lead single off of her debut album On the 6, “If You Had My Love” was released in 1999 and received positive reviews and praise for it’s more soulful R&B sound. “Its success came as a surprise to critics, making Lopez one of the few actors to successfully crossover into the music industry. It also contributed to the growing popularity of Latin artists in Northern America.


“Let’s Get Loud”

This has to make the playlist with its smorgasbord of Latin melodies all wrapped up in one jam! From her debut album On the 6, “Let’s Get Loud” was a song originally written by Gloria Estefan as a song she would release but felt Lopez was more suited for it and passed it on to her. Great move by another Legendary Latina supporting and paving the way for Lopez to run with this hit, making it her own. The song earned Lopez her second Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.


“On the Floor”

Who isn’t hoping for Mr. Worldwide to make a surprise appearance on that Super Bowl stage to accompany J.Lo as they bring down the house with their mega-hit? “On the Floor” was released in 2011 from her seventh studio album, Love? The video is fire! It makes you want to just jump in and start dancing. This is hands down one of the best collaborations among our beloved Latino artists. It’s definitely one of Lopez’s stand out signature hits.


Love Don’t Cost a Thing

From Lopez’s second studio album J.Lo, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” was released in 2000 as the lead single for that album. This tune is also considered a “classic Lopez” according to Wikipedia. The video is notoriously known, as it features Cris Judd, one of the back-up dancers whom Lopez married. The video garnered her MTV and ALMA Award nominations.


Get Right” 

Released in 2005, “Get Right” off of Lopez’s fourth studio album, Rebirth, is a more jazzy, R&B tune. The video showcases Lopez’s acting chops, as well as, her choreography and dancing skills as she portrays eight different characters going to a nightclub. The songs on this album came after Lopez took some time off to regroup. “Get Right” definitely shows this triple threat gifts as her singing, dancing, and acting intertwine to create a visually impressive video showing how much she had evolved since her first album. wp_*posts

Live It Up

“Live It Up” is a CD single J.Lo released in 2013 with Pitbull. Another awesome collaboration between two talented Latinx artists who just can’t go wrong when collabing together. Each song is unique and carries its own memorable style. It is the fourth collaboration between this dynamic duo. In the video, Mr. 305 gives an ode to “Jenny From the Block” in the opening verse. A definite dance-pop hit that showcases Lopez’s vocal talents throughout the song.



From Lopez’s second studio album, J.Lo, “Play” was released in 2001 as the second single off the album. It’s a catchy tune that you can easily find yourself rocking out to and singing along with. It garnered a Teen Choice Award in 2001 and was nominated for a Billboard Latin Music Award in 2002.


I’m Glad

Released in 2003, “I’m Glad” is off Lopez’s third studio album, This Is Me… Then. For those Flashdance fanatics, this song pays tribute to that 80’s classic film. Lopez recreates some of the most memorable scenes from the movie, nailing each dance scene perfectly. You would have thought it was a prelude to a remake of the movie, but sadly it was just a video showcasing why J.Lo is hands down our generation’s dancing queen sensation.


“Goin’ In”

“Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida was released in 2012 as part of the soundtrack of the dance film Step Up: Revolution. According to Wikipedia, People Magazine said that the video is “definitely Jenny at her fiercest” and “high-energy.” A visually impressive and colorful video showcasing Lopez with crystal-covered lips as she brings down the house with her killer dance moves.


“Qué Hiciste”

From Lopez’s fifth studio album, Como Ama una Mujer, “Qué Hiciste” showcases J.Lo’s Spanish roots as she nails the lyrics and captivates you with her charismatic charm throughout the song. It was written and produced by her ex-husband Marc Anthony along with Julio Reyes Copello, with additional writing from Jimena Romero. Lopez received rave reviews for her Latin rock, and R&B chart-breaking hit sensation. 

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