How to Achieve Selfie Perfection Like Jennifer Lopez

I’ve never been a fan of taking selfies

Jennifer Lopez selfie

Photo: Instagram/@jlo

I’ve never been a fan of taking selfies. Maybe my arms are too short, but the camera always feels too close, the angle is usually off, and the lighting is just wrong. But I’m no quitter – if there’s a problem in my way, I work to overcome it. So I’ve decided to study the selfie master – no, not Kim Kardashian, I’m talking about our girl, Jennifer Lopez. One glance through her Instagram and it’s clear to see her selfies are ON POINT. Here’s what I learned about attaining selfie perfection by studying her Instagram techniques.

Don’t be shy. Snap the perfect selfie even if you run the risk of getting caught.

Angles, angles, angles! Tilt your face, lift and angle your phone down.

Find the perfect backdrop. If you’re going to do a bathroom selfie, make sure it’s anything but basic.

Show your environment. You can’t have the same pics in your car or bathroom. Mix things up to keep things interesting.

Lighting is EVERYTHING.

Bring your besties in on the fun. I mean, all your selfies don’t have to be self-centered.

Car selfies are dope – as long as you’re not driving.

And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a cute filter.

Find a mirror and WERK it.

Last but not least, never be afraid to show the real you. Ditch the makeup from time to time and let your authentic awesomeness shine through.

Now go out and shamelessly post your fabulousness for the world to see!

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