Jillian Mercado Is Making Differently Abled Women Feel Seen

The fashion industry has always been notorious for making a lot of people feel unseen. If you weren’t a tall, white, skinny, blonde, cisgender, and heterosexual woman, you didn’t meet the world’s Eurocentric and incredibly narrow standards of beauty. And if you were disabled you were totally left out of the conversation. Lack of representation

Photo: Instagram/jillianmercado

Photo: Instagram/jillianmercado






Jillian Mercado is beyond just inspirational. She’s a determined force who kept on going and made herself be seen in a world who rejected, ignored, and often times discriminated against her. She’s successfully lived out her dreams and has proven to all of us what happens when you learn to love and accept yourself and let purpose be your guide. Acknowledge her and her work, celebrate her spirit and accomplishments and advocate for other individuals like her to be seen and represented. Let’s not let the work end with her.

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