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Jimmy Fallon’s Special Episode in Puerto Rico is an Emotional Experience

Last night’s special episode of Jimmy Fallon in Puerto Rico celebrated the Hamilton run alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda and had all the makings of an emotional event. The Tonight Show filmed entirely in Puerto Rico and featured some incredible performance and interviews, but Fallon never forgot why he was truly there.

During a heartfelt interview with Miranda, Fallon asked him about the work he has done to help Puerto Rico recover from the 2017 Hurricane Maria, which is still underway. Miranda talked about how his family had lost all communication from their family that was still on the island, which lasted five days, while for others it lasted much longer. He said it was during that time that he thought about all the ways he could be proactive to help his people.

Miranda talked about the emotional experience of bringing his Hamilton to Puerto Rico, and how they could use the benefits of the show to revive the arts in the island since that is one program that is easily forgotten during recovery efforts. Miranda hopes to raise $15 for Flamboyan Arts Fund, an arts organization in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Fallon also shared the many ways people can still help right now.

There were so many incredible, fun, and emotional moments from last night’s show. Here are some highlights:

Fallon interviewed chef and entrepreneur José Andrés

They discussed the many ways Andrés fed millions of people through his World Central Kitchen foundation.

They ate and enjoyed delicious Puerto Rican food.

There was also a beautiful musical performance of “Mi Viejo San Juan” between Jose Feliciano and Ozuna.


Jimmy Fallon went zip lining in one of the longest zip lines in the world.

There was also an amazing street performance by Bad Bunny.

So good!

But it was the moments off-camera that we loved too. Like this one:

And this one…

But we will leave you with this heart-stopping opening.