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The ‘Tonight Show’ Will Tape An Episode From Puerto Rico With Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda, announced last night that he will be airing a special episode from Puerto Rico next month. The episode will feature Miranda in his reprised role in Hamilton. As you may have heard, Miranda is doing Hamilton once again — but this time in Puerto Rico — for a couple of weeks in January to raise money for the island’s continuing hurricane recovery.

“We’re opening a new tour of Hamilton,” Miranda said on the “Tonight Show,” “in Puerto Rico, and the entire time that we’re in Puerto Rico, our goal is to raise as much for artists and arts organizations still recovering from Hurricane Maria.”

Miranda said it will feel a bit strange to return to his breakout role especially because he hasn’t done the part in two years. He compared the feeling to a “messy desktop.”

“It’s all there,” he said. “I’ve never hit on the trash, but I have drafts in my head because I have every version of every line I wrote in my head, including Off Broadway…so I may say the wrong thing.”

Fallon and his crew will tape in Puerto Rico on January 15. Performances of Hamilton will take place at the University of Puerto Rico, Jan. 8th through the 27th.

“I’m so excited about this show,” Miranda told Fallon.

“It’s going to be a very special episode,” Fallon told audiences. “We have so much planned, so many cameos. It’s going to be so fun. It’s going to be a celebration of the life, the light, the spirit of Puerto Rico, and its people and its culture. Puerto Rico is back and open for business. And we’re going to show you a taste and how beautiful and fun Puerto Rico can be. It’s going to be a giant party!”

Now the question is, how do we get in?! Click here to find out.