Photo: Instagram/johnleguizamo

John Leguizamo Returns to the Stage in a New Play on Latinx Culture

John Leguizamo is back! Not that he has ever gone away, but we’re thrilled to report that the actor and activist has a new play that will be hitting the stage in 2019. The show is called “Kiss My Aztec!” (we love the title, by the way).

Here’s a description, based on a summary by the Berkeley Rep: “It may be the 16th century, but these Aztecs is woke! When the Spanish set their sights on Mesoamerica and its riches, they will destroy anyone and anything that keeps them from conquering and claiming it all for themselves. But the Aztecs are like, ‘Hell, no!’ Led by the unlikely duo of Colombina (a feminist warrior/rapper) and Pepe (a clown)—and empowered by a prophecy promising a new leader called the Great Brown Hope—they plot to overthrow their Spanish colonizers. Along the way they collide with an evil Viceroy, his inbred millennial daughter, and an absurd trio of singing Spanish Inquisitors. Will our Aztec heroes win the day, or get conquistadored by these white people on boats?”

The play is directed by Tony Taccone; Book by John Leguizamo and Tony Taccone; Music by Benjamin Velez; Lyrics by David Kamp, Benjamin Velez, and John Leguizamo; Based on an original screenplay written by John Leguizamo and Stephen Chbosky. The show, as of now, is scheduled to play at the Berkeley Rep in California on May 28 through July 14, 2019, and at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, California. Those show dates have yet to be released.

His previous hit show “Latin History For Morons” was a huge smash on Broadway and can now be seen on Netflix. We’re pretty certain his latest show will also head to Broadway soon here after. We’re just so thrilled that he’ll be back showing more Latinx love. Are you excited to see John back in action?