Photo: Unsplash/@alecen1997

7 Inspiring Images of the Mayan Indigenous People Known As Kaqchikel

Some might have heard of the the word Kaqchikel and think of it only as a native language, which is primarily spoken by people in central Guatemala. However, Kaqchikel is also the name of a community of Mayan indigenous from the same area. According to Every Culture about 445,000 or more Kaqchikel live in various places in Guatemala but more recently — as of the 70s and 80s — have migrated to Mexico and the United States.

We’ve seen various images of these people, in particular women, and are in awe of the power that is transmitted through their faces. It’s really remarkable how such petite women could be so strong.


According to a study, part of the role of Kaqchikel women is to “supplement household needs, experiment, and educate children about the foundations of husbandry and perspectives of nature.”

The women are also known for their amazing tapestry, an artistry so beautiful that it has been replicated and can be seen around the world.

The National Geographic states: “When the Kaqchikel women in the province of Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, weave, they instill pride and evoke their rich cultural heritage. Weaving also rescues an important tradition that vindicates indigenous women and provides them an avenue to realize their ideas, feelings, thoughts and dreams through the development of designs and color combinations. Weaving leaves a legacy for future generations.”

Here’s some truly remarkable images that we’ve seen of the Kaqchikel women on Instagram.

Gorgeous fashion and delicious foods!

So many colorful patterns…

A community among women.

Kaqchikel pageantry.

A story waiting to be told.

Innocence and purity.

Modern yet still traditional.