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Karol G Talks Feminism and Why Her New Tattoo Includes Rihanna and Selena Quintanilla

On Wednesday, September 12th we had the honor of meeting Latin pop and reggaeton artist Karol G at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation Awards. The singer was part of this year’s honorees and was honored with the Inspira Award. If there’s one thing this badass Colombiana is—it’s fierce and inspirational. We got to catch up with her on the red carpet, where she spoke about what women empowerment means to her and why she recently chose to get tattoos of Rihanna and the late singer Selena Quintanilla.

“For me [feminism and women empowerment] is like a mission,” she told HipLatina. “With my project, with my industry and with my music I want to show girls that we can do big things that we can have a very big spot around. I have been working so many years and I know and I understand how hard it can be. In many ways, not just in music. In different ways … so I wanted to give you this message that everything is possible. You have to be strong and hard and go for your dreams. You can do it. Anybody can do it.”

Speaking of badass feminist, Karol recently surprised fans after getting a new tattoo in honor of her favorite singers: Selena Quintanilla and Rihanna. The tattoo also includes an image of herself too! She still hasn’t shared the actual tattoo on her IG yet but there is a video that’s been circling around the internet.


“In this world in this real world I really really love and admire Rihanna and Selena Quintanilla. Both of them,” she told us. “Rihanna it’s because of her music, her realness and the way she does everything. I love her so much. I would love to do something, a collaboration in the future with her. With Selena Quintanilla, I think our careers are very similar. Like the family industry. The way that she started in a man’s world with music. So I don’t know. I love a lot of things of both of [them] so I have them here to make like motivation everyday.”

We can definitely see how both Selena Quintanilla and Rihanna inspire her. Karol like Rihanna, is very unapologetic and uncensored when it comes to the messages she puts in her songs, her feminism, and owning her sexuality. A collaboration between the two of them would be fire. Let’s cross our fingers that these two can combine forces to write a duo song together. One thing for sure, that song would definitely become an instant hit!