Kids of Immigrants Created The Coolest Frida and Selena Hoodies

Hoodies are an undeniable fashion statement, and they sometimes can be political

Photo: Instagram/kidsofimmigrants

Photo: Instagram/kidsofimmigrants

Hoodies are an undeniable fashion statement, and they sometimes can be political. In the name of social justice, Kids Of Immigrants is taking hoodies to a new level of empowerment. The fashion line, created by Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis, is a “medium to express their passion to create, empower and love.”

Their website states a little of their background: “Buezo and Dennis are first generation Americans and established the name from what united them and what makes this country, WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS. Kids of Immigrants is a movement to recognize that we are all cut from different fabrics but together make a whole. With their individual style and experiences, Buezo and Dennis aspire to showcase their culture by creating. Culture instilled by ingenuity and the will to make something out of nothing. Culture cannot be bought but only created by the people. This is for the people by the people.”


They have a number of hoodies that feature iconic celebrities including Frida Kahlo, Selena Quintanilla, Will Smith, and Lauryn Hill. The only issue is that there’s only one made of each. So the Frida hoodie is sold out, but the according to their website, the Selena hoodie is still available!

While each hoodie can set you back about $200, one must realize that these custom made hoodies is one-of-a-kind. Each one is handmade, piece together like a collage, with fragmented pieces of cloth. As they say: “We do the best we can with what we have.”

So don’t think of these $200 hoodies as just a hoodie, but more of a piece of art. Buying from Kids Of Immigrants is supporting local artists with an important message.

However if $200 is too much, they do have other items with a less expensive price tag. Here they are below.

This tote is $85.

The love tees are $35.

Click here for more information on Kids Of Immigrants.

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