10 Latin American Dishes You Can Learn to Make on TikTok

We’ve all seen those viral TikTok recipes at some point, and while some may roll their eyes at the thought of making a recipe that’s been condensed down to three social media minutes, there are actually some really awesome recipes on popular social video site that are perfect for kitchen newbies and home cooks that

Latin Recipes TikTok

Photos: Delfina Iacub on Unsplash; Wikimedia/Ted Murphy; Wikimedia/T.Tseng

We’ve all seen those viral TikTok recipes at some point, and while some may roll their eyes at the thought of making a recipe that’s been condensed down to three social media minutes, there are actually some really awesome recipes on popular social video site that are perfect for kitchen newbies and home cooks that are often short on time. No joke, even if you have zero experience in the kitchen, you can probably pull off a TikTok recipe, because honestly they make it look so easy! The intimidation factor is huge when it comes to cooking, but TikTok recipes make preparing a home-cooked meal seem a lot more doable.

You can even learn how to cook Latinx staples on TikTok. Seriously! There are tons of easy-to-follow recipes for Latinx dishes on TikTok. We’re talking everything from basic white rice to a huge variety of tacos, and lots of other recipes from nearly every Latin American country. So whether you’re just learning how to cook or you want to start making some of the dishes you grew up with, TikTok can help. Here are some delicious traditional Latinx recipes you can learn to make on TikTok.



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Let’s start with the basics. Many Latin countries use a fresh seasoning mixture known as sofrito in a wide variety of dishes including many meat, rice and bean recipes. The mixture contains bell peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro and culantro (recao) and gives food an earthy but bright and herbaceous flavor. The pureed mixture is super-versatile and is the base for many recipes in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba in particular. It lasts in the freezer for months, so it’s great to make in a big batch.

Arepas Con Queso


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Arepas are a delicious and filling dish to eat any time of day: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, it doesn’t matter. These Colombian arepas we found on TikTok start with a simple dough or masa made out of corn flour, oil and salt. Once the dough comes together they are shallow fried, set to drain and topped with the cheese of your choice. 

Arroz Con Gandules


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Puerto Rican arroz con gandules is a quintessential dish from PR. It’s a mixed rice and beans dish that’s often served during the holidays and for special celebrations, and every family’s recipe is a bit different. But this one from @juanskitchen  kind of encompasses it all. He uses ham, tocino (pork fatback), pork chops and bacon in his recipe instead of just one or two meats which is the most common way. Feel free to pick and choose or use them all.

Papa a la Huancaina


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Peruvians are boss when it comes to sauces for their food.  This video features papa a la huancaina, which includes a spicy pepper and cheese sauce made with yellow peppers, queso fresco, evaporated milk, onion, garlic and a bit of oil that are are blended together until smooth and creamy. The sauce is poured over a salad of simply boiled potatoes, lettuce, olives and boiled eggs. 



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Mofongo is often referred to as the national dish of Puerto Rico and TBH, even though it’s a fairly simple dish made using just a few ingredients, it’s kind of labor intensive but this TikTok makes it look easy. It’s a simple combination of fried and mashed green plantains, garlic and oil and usually either tocino or bacon. It can be eaten as-is or served with a brothy stew of beans, chicken, pork or seafood. It’s often served with simple chunks of fried pork in Puerto Rico as well.

Carne Asada


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Carne asada is eaten in some form in just about every Latin American country. It’s just steak that is marinated in herbs, spices, oil and vinegar and grilled over an open flame. It’s another extremely versatile dish that can be served simply sliced with rice and beans or salad, stuffed into tacos, enchiladas or burritos or even used as a topping for arepas. We love that TikTok user @cristinabuttler adds a beer to the marinade, which will both flavor and tenderize the meat.

Birria Tacos


Birria tacos are a super-trendy dish right now and photos and videos of them have been going viral for awhile. When TikTok user @mxriyum got tired of seeing Americanized versions of the dish everywhere, she decided to share her own authentic recipes for birria quesa tacos and we are absolutely drooling. She makes an incredible broth out of boiled chiles and tons of spices, stews beef in it, crisps up some tortillas and then stuffs them with cheese, the beef, onions and cilantro, then serves the sauce on the side for dipping. It might require a special trip to the Latino grocery store or bodega, but it’ll be totally worth it.



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Sometimes that dessert craving is so strong, isn’t it? Now you can learn to make a perfect flan to curb your sweet tooth right on TikTok. Cubana Dani who goes by @sweetspanglish on TikTok shared her step-by-step recipe. The classic custard dish is made by carefully caramelizing sugar and water together, then simmering a pot of milk with a cinnamon stick and adding it to a mixture of eggs, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. It actually looks super simple and so tasty.



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Quesitos are one of the most popular pastries in Puerto Rico, and can be eaten as a snack, a dessert or even for breakfast with a cafecito. They look impressive and maybe a little intimidating but are pretty easy to make using store-bought puff pastry. Just cut the pastry dough into squares, spread on some cream cheese and then wrap the dough around the cream cheese, give it a little egg wash and bake until golden. A lot of people also add a bit of guava paste or guava jam in with the cream cheese.



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♬ El Carbón – Los Hermanos Flores

Now you don’t have to get your horchata fix at your favorite restaurant or from the bodega. You can make it at home and it’s going to taste amazing. The TikTok recipe is for the version of horchata that is common in El Salvador and it looks so flavorful. The rice is toasted up with spices including morro seeds (also known as jicaro), cinnamon and coriander seeds, then blended up with water.That mixture is strained multiple times before adding vanilla extract, sugar and milk. The just serve it up with some ice and you’ve got yourself a refreshing and yummy treat.

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