The Copy-Paste Latina TikTok Trend Excludes Black and Indigenous Latinas

Sofía Aguilar
It looks like Latinidad will never stop trending on TikTok or making waves in the community,  and unfortunately it’s sometimes all for the wrong reasons. From the #CleanGirlAesthetic to the agua fresca/spa water debate to Hailey Beiber’s “brownie lips”,  the...

9 TikTokers Who Are Shining a Light on the Indigenous Culture

Nicole Young
Indigenous content creators are taking over TikTok to raise awareness about issues affecting their communities and culture. They are sharing their own personal journeys with their Indigenous identities and cultural history with the world. Creators like Juan Guerreo Maya showcase...
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Hollister Launches ‘Good Vibras’ Program for Latinx Digital Creators

Virginia Isaad
We at HipLatina are all about supporting Latinx digital creators including Afro-Latinxs using TikTok to educate and inform. With so many Latinx creatives blowing up ln social, we’re excited about the opportunities that are starting to pop up to cultivate...
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10 of Camila Cabello’s Best and Funniest TikToks

Something has come to my attention lately that I totally was not expecting: Camila Cabello is funny! I’ve always thought she was a pretty standard polished pop star and that her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes was cute, but...

10 Latin American Dishes You Can Learn to Make on TikTok

We’ve all seen those viral TikTok recipes at some point, and while some may roll their eyes at the thought of making a recipe that’s been condensed down to three social media minutes, there are actually some really awesome recipes...

14 TikTok Accounts to Follow for Latinx Beauty Tips

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
TikTok started as kids lip-synching to their favorite jams but has quickly evolved — becoming the hottest social media platform for Gen Z to share viral dance challenges, beauty tips, and a whole lot of laughs. Within the social media...