6 Latina Celebs Show off Their Natural Curls

It always brings us great pleasure to see women put the hot tools aside and start wearing and embracing their natural curls. We’ve been told for centuries that our hair wasn’t good enough so seeing women — black and brown women especially — take pride in their natural hair always brings us joy. We even love to see celebrities do it. Did you peep Zazie Beetz’s gorgeous crown of curls at the Oscar’s red carpet? And it looks like even Selena Gomez is finally embracing her wavy curls.

The 27-year-old pop star who is known for wearing her hair either straight or in very loose waves, recently got a new cut that we really can not get enough of. She’s currently rocking a long curly bob with bangs that’s really working for her. Selena doesn’t wear her natural curls often. If fact the last time we saw her curls this poppin was back in 2016 when she got her first curly hair lob.

When my hair is natural, I have that Latina feel — it gets wavy and frizzy and I’ve had to learn to love it,” she told Into The Gloss.

It’s refreshing to see Selena finally embracing the waves and the frizz and we’re hoping this new cut inspires her to work her natural hair more. Check out her new look along with a few other celebs rocking their natural curls!




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