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5 Latina Choreographers Who’ve Worked with Latin Pop Stars Including Shakira and Bad Bunny

Reggaeton has broken barriers in the music world for musicians, singers, and dancers and with all the success and changes that Latin music has experienced within the last couple of decades, there is still one thing that keeps being consistent – the footwork. Chances are if you’ve ever tried to do “that move” from your favorite music video, one of these Latina choreographers were behind it. Dancers like Karina Ortiz is credited for creating energetic choreo on Bad Bunny’s “El Ultimo Tour Del Ano” tour and Liz Dany Campo Diaz’s creative portfolio includes Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show performance. In celebration of International Dance Day, it’s only appropriate that we give these 5 Latinx choreographers behind some of Latin music’s most memorable bailes the spotlight.

Karina Ortiz

Photo: Instagram/@karinaortiz_pr

Karina Ortiz is a choreographer and dancer from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She was the lead choreographer on Bad Bunny’s “El Ultimo Tour Del Ano” tour and told Billboard that that experience gave her hope. “This industry hasn’t been easy for me, but being here is proof of believing in myself and using this as an opportunity to open my own doors,” she says. She truly took the tour to a whole other level with her captivating, dynamic, and inclusive choreography and Bad Bunny fans loved it.

Sabina America

Video: Instagram/@sabinaamerica

There are things that dancer and choreographer Sabina America can do that we didn’t know were humanly possible. As a choreographer for reggaetoneras like Natti Natasha, she dances in heels and honestly, that alone should win her some kind of reward. She is the creator of Reggaeton Heels, a heels-styled dance that aims to combine the rugged vibe of reggaeton with the sensual and delicate style of movement in heels. When she’s not effortlessly dancing in heels, she’s choreographing Farruko’s “La 167” tour or music videos for artists like Natti Natasha or Daddy Yankee.

Marta Lopez

Photo: Instagram/@martalopezfred

Puerto Rican artist Marta Lopez not only posts beautiful dance videos, but she also posts amazing costumes and styles as a choreographer and dancer for our favorite reggaeton singers.  She’s choreographed for Alexis y Fido and a Plan B tour. Since 2008, her dancing career has allowed her to travel to North America, South America, and Europe.

Liz Dany Campo Diaz

Video: Instagram/@diazlizdany

Young Barranquillera Liz Dany Campo Diaz brings fresh content to the dance world, especially on Instagram. She’s one of those dancers who loves to represent her country of Colombia, and her style even caught the eye of Shakira. “I discovered Liz dancing champeta – a Colombian favorite – on Instagram and brought her out to work together on a part of the choreography for my halftime show,” Shakira wrote in a tweet. Representing the Latinx culture and getting the attention of superstars and she’s only 18 years old!

Vanessa Sanquiz

Photo: Instagram/@vanessasanquiz

Currently teaching dance at Millennium Dance Complex in Miami, Vanessa Sanquiz is a show-stopper. Her strong movements are bold and challenging, but also right on beat and exciting to watch. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Sanquiz delivers inspiration through her choreography and uplifting messages to her students. In one message she writes, “I invite you to go out every day to plant magical seeds of light, hope, and love.” Her resume includes choreography for CNCO’s world tour, “Amantes de Una Noche” by Bad Bunny and Natti Natasha, and “Noche Sin Dia” by Il Yolo and Gente de Zona.