11 Amazing Products to Buy from These Latina Mom-Owned Shops

Having kids and being a member of the traditional work force has become increasingly impractical and challenging throughout the years, and for those of us who do manage to pull it off, it often still doesn’t bring in enough income to make ends meet

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Having kids and being a member of the traditional work force has become increasingly impractical and challenging throughout the years, and for those of us who do manage to pull it off, it often still doesn’t bring in enough income to make ends meet. It’s no surprise that millenials are the generation of the side hustle! For some of us though, that side hustle can actually turn into a legit cash flow generator, especially when we actively support each other. As moms, it’s so important for us to lift each other up, and one way to do that with our hard-earned dollars. But if that’s not possible at this time, what with the pandemic and all, there’s plenty of other ways to support including following on social media platforms and sharing their content.

Here, we’ve rounded some super-fun, creative and useful items you can buy from Latinx mompreneurs using their skills and talents to make a living. From Latinx-pride shirts and stickers to tasty treats, we’ve got you covered.wp_*posts

Tea from Moon Mother Apothecary

Afro-Dominican mother Suhaly Bautista is a firm believer in using plants as medicine. She was inspired to start Moon Mother Apothecary when she began studying traditional medicine to help cure her wife of migraines. Now, the company offers teas, elixirs, salves, bath soaks, and more, all geared toward meeting the unique physical and emotional needs of women.


Tumblers & Water Bottles from VIDA + wild


A mom of three, Ariana of VIDA + wild makes inspiring and empowering gear for all women. Her online store is chock full of treasures, but we love her tumblers and water bottles in particular because they let us make a statement and show off our Latinx pride anywhere we go. And like, we all really need that cafe con leche to go sometimes, so they’re convenient too.wp_*posts

Skincare Products from SKIN by jem


Mexican mom Jessica Monzalva created her own skincare line after working as a makeup artist and aesthetician for years. Inspired by the natural remedies she learned from her grandmother, Jessica was developing custom skincare routines for her clients which eventually led her to found SKIN by jem which focuses on the use of natural ingredients to create a clear, glowing complexion.wp_*posts

Tees, Hoodies &  Tote from Mi Legasi


Founder of Mi Legasi, Janny Perez is proud of who she is: a Latina, a mom, and a feminist, and if you are too, she makes all sorts of gear and apparel to help you represent. We are fond of her “Mujer Power” and “Y, Que” lines, but she also makes custom items and even offers adorable gear for kids. We’re big fans of the “Sana Sana Colita de Rana” onesie and the “50% Latina, 50% American, 100% Cute” kid tee.


Mole from La Guelaguetza

Restaurateur, cookbook author, and mom, Bricia Lopez is passionate about mole! Oaxacan food too, but we’re here to talk about the mole. Bricia expanded her restaurant business by adding a selection of pantry items that are available for shipping including three varieties of mole paste that can be used to create delicious, authentic sauces at home. Choose from mole negro, mole rojo or mole coloradito, or buy a variety pack of all three.wp_*posts

Stickers from Para Moms


Sometimes it’s the little things, like these adorable stickers from Para Moms, a mom-founded company dedicated to helping Latina mothers feel confident and supported in their parenting. We love their motivational stickers and think they’re perfect for sticking on a laptop or travel mug to help remind us that there is power in our motherhood and knowledge in our culture.wp_*posts

Baby Clothes from Pequeñas Manos

Originally from Mexico, Karimbe Jimenez is a mom of two who launched the lifestyle brand Pequeñas Manos after having some success making and selling pregnancy announcement onesies on Etsy. Now she creates a full range of super-adorable onesies and tees for babies and toddlers that are inspired by her Latinx heritage and even some that feature important political and social messages that we can all get behind.wp_*posts

Children’s Books from Canticos

Founded by Venezuelan-American Susie Jaramillo, Canticos offers a vast collection of bilingual board books for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The books are excellent for helping introduce young children to the Spanish language as well as Latinx culture and heritage. Canticos also offers a number of learning games and toys to help supplement your child’s bilingual education.wp_*posts

Lil’ Loteria Game from Lil’ Libros

Speaking of teaching your kids Spanish, we absolutely love the Lil’ Loteria board game from Lil’ Libros. It’s an excellent tool to help introduce and reinforce Spanish vocabulary skills with your kids. Lil’ Libros was founded by moms Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein several years ago to help parents read to their children and encourage bilingualism.wp_*posts

Plus-Size Clothes from Blogger House Curvy Closet

Puerto Rican mom Darlene Lebron parlayed her work as a blogger and influencer into a legitimate business when she launched her virtual plus-size consignment shop, Blogger House Curvy Closet. The shop allows women to both sell and buy gently-used clothing from major brands, all at a deep discount. They even offer a curated style box subscription for those who want a little help picking out the perfect pieces. We’re always happy to save some money while still looking cute!



Ylette Luis is a Miami based Cuban-American mom of 4 who recently launched the jewelry line XIO by Ylette. The company was inspired by and is named after her grandmother Xiomara, who she credits with instilling in her a love for entrepreneurship and a passion for jewelry. She provides a monthly jewelry subscription service that requires no swaps or returns because subscribers get to keep all the pieces they receive in either sterling silver/or gold-dipped.

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