10 Ways to Tell if You’re a Millennial Mom

Say the word “millennial” and most of us think of someone’s self-absorbed, entitled, high-maintenance kid. But that’s not all they are. For one thing, millennials are the largest generation in Western history. And those born in the early days of the millennial era – roughly considered 1982 to 2004 – aren’t kids at all. Many are moms. While the internet loves to heap scorn on millennials for being “impatient” and “constantly connected,” most millennial parents actually have an edge when it comes to raising kids in a digital world.

According to a study by BabyCenter, millennial moms spend more than eight hours a day online. And guess what? More than any other generation – even millennial dads – millennial moms say they’re doing a “very good job” as a parent. Their embrace of technology may seem a little extreme to folks who’ve struggled to put the kibosh on their kid’s screen time, smartphones, and social media. But whether you roll your eyes or recognize yourself in some of the typical millennial mom behaviors below, incorporating technology into your families’ lives allows you to model positive digital habits. And we can all agree that’s good for kids.

Does this sound like you?

You got your baby an email address before it was born. 

Registering your baby’s name guarantees that their email will be his or her own name (instead of, say, Sarah2018). But it also allows you to send letters to your future kid, sharing your wisdom, hopes for the future, and feelings about motherhood.




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