How to Get on Any Latina Mom’s Good Side

Moms can be hard to impress

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Moms can be hard to impress. Whether it’s our own moms or our best friend’s or significant other’s mama, it can sometimes feel like we can never be good enough. As a mother myself, I know that one of the main reasons for this is we’re simply exhausted. Being a mom is hard work, and we never get breaks. Pero that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few simple ways to get on our good side. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to impress this Latina mom (and probably most others, too).

Always Greet With A Kiss On The Cheek

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Latinxs generally kiss each other on the cheek upon greeting or saying good-bye. As someone who is all about bodily autonomy, I completely understand that this shouldn’t be a mandatory thing. Culturally speaking, though, Latina moms (especially of the old school) always expect this. I had a friend whose mom I didn’t kiss on the cheek once and I was blacklisted for years afterward as his, “rude amigita.”


Attempt To Speak Her Language (If It’s Anything Other Than English)

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If the mom you’re trying to impress speaks primarily Spanish or Portuguese, make an attempt to at least greet her in her native tongue. Better still, learn a few conversational phrases. However, if she’s making an attempt to speak English more (assuming she’s a non-native speaker) and continues to respond in English, follow her lead.


Show An Interest In Getting To Know Their Culture

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Most people like when others take a general interest in who they are and where they came from. Latina moms are no exception. Feel free to ask questions about her background without getting too personal or making any ignorant comments.


Use ‘Usted’ Instead Of ‘Tu’

Latina moms (especially the matriarchs) are all about respect. As an elder in the family, you’re supposed to be given a certain amount, and this often translates into smaller things like word choice. “Usted” is the “proper” way of saying “you”, while “tu” is supposed to be more casual. Until the mom says otherwise, keep using, “usted.”


Eat All Of Her Cooking

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Never leave a plate of a Latina mom’s (or abuela’s) cooking anything less than empty. Bonus points if you ask for seconds. It’s just a thing.


Clean Up After Yourself

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No one likes a slob. If you’re coming over (or if you live with the Latina mom), make sure to pick up after yourself. That means upping your cleaning game ten-fold since you’ve never cleaned the way a Latina mom does.


Express An Appreciation For All Things Familia

Latinxs are very family oriented, and the same holds true for the matriarchs in the bunch. Never try to get a Latinx person to skip a family-oriented event. Holidays mean family time. Sometimes every day means family time. Don’t interfere.


Always Offer To Help

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Is a Latina mom walking into the house with groceries? Offer to take the rest of the bags inside. Is she cleaning up after a meal? Ask if you can help with the dishes. Does she need an errand run? You know what to do.


Don’t Even Try To Argue About Religion

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For the older generations of Latina moms, this often means don’t even try to jokingly diss J.C. or La Virgencita. For younger ones, it might mean that, or it might mean don’t even try to bring up religion (because some of us are still traumatized from CCD classes). Just best not to broach the subject at all.

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