Latina Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram for Nail Inspo

Nail salons have just started opening back up so Latinas everywhere are running to schedule their appointments and looking for nail inspo to show off this summer

Latina Nail Artists Instagram

Image: Instagram/ @latinwitch @nailartbysig @nailsbyregina

Nail salons have just started opening back up so Latinas everywhere are running to schedule their appointments and looking for nail inspo to show off this summer. Nails are a way of life in Latin culture, they give you confidence and represent your personality and heritage. Latina nail artists like Sigourney Nuñez and Betina Goldstein have helped increase visiblity of nail art through their platforms with thousands of followers.  We’ve turned to Instagram and found eight Latinx nail artists to give you some design ideas with the latest trends.


Samantha Ramirez

Photo: Instagram/@samy.nails

Samantha Ramirez is a celebrity nail tech who has made stars like Karol G looks fabulous on the red carpet. Most of her designs include 3D bling with colors that are perfect for the summer season. When Ramirez was asked about the biggest summer trends she said, “I think this summer the trend is going for neon-colored nails. The aqua blue color is very fashionable in all its tones, I personally love it. Not to mention the shiny stones and accessories. For me, they never go out of style. The shape of the nails is also important for each person, one that is most comfortable for them. Personally, I love stiletto nails.”


Sigourney Nuñez

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbysig

Sigourney Nuñez is a licensed nail technician in Los Angeles. She got her start in the nail industry when she started working at NAILS magazine and has gained quite a following of over 155K followers on Instagram. Not only does she post photos of her unique nail art but she also posts tutorials on IG for things like removing gel nails.


Ami Vega

Photo: Instagram/@amivnails

Ami Vega is the creator of El Salonsito, a nail art business and blog that brings art to your fingertips. She creates nails with fun patterns that you can press-on for a quick manicure. She recently held her first virtual nail art class where she showed off some of her nail techniques and methods for proper gel application. Follow her on Instagram for more information on upcoming classes.


Betina Goldstein

Photo: Instagram/@betina_goldstein

Betina Goldstein has quite an impressive resume – She is a nail artists based out of Los Angeles, California and has celebs like Salma Hayek and Bella Hadid on her clientele list. She has been featured in major magazines such as Vogue and she currently works for the iconic brand CHANEL. Her most recent post on Instagram channels a 90’s summer vibe with multicolored checkered nails.


Ana Guajardo

Photo: Instagram/@chachacovers

Ana Guajardo founded Cha Cha Covers, a business that creates nail wraps with Latinx pop culture themes. Each nail product is designed and hand made by Guajardo herself and she makes sure to use non-toxic ingredients that are good for your nails and the environment.


Freida Tapia

Photo: Instagram/@latinwitch

Freida Tapia aka the Latin Witch is a nail tech out of New York and has worked with brands such as Gucci.  She’s based in Mexico City and has a separate Instagram account featuring her various nail art including an evil eye design, florals, and bedazzled style on both acrylics and natural nails.


Karla Donato

Photo: Instagram/@roho7

Karla Donato loves to stand out with her bold nail designs featuring cartoon character stickers on them or mini plastics animals literally pierced into the nail. Another cool thing about her art is that she designs each nail so that when you put your fingers together it makes a whole picture.


Regina Rodriguez

Photo: Instagram/@nailsbyregina

Regina Rodriguez is a nail artist with over a decade of experience. She specializes in gel natural nails, acrylic enhancements, hand-painted, and Swarovski nail art. Her Instagram is full of what she calls “nailfies” (nail selfies) and her designs include bright colors and patterns that are sure to get you triple-digit likes online.

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