7 Summer Nail Trends by Latina Artists You Need to Check Out

Nail art is a big part of Latinx culture and for good reason - it allows you to express yourself and your heritage


Photo: Instagram/@latinwitch/@nailartbysig

From the cut to the design to the color it has to be perfect because it’s an extension of who we are. Latina nail artists like Ami Vega and Sigourney Nuñez have a devoted following because of their stunning nail art providing major inspo. After a year long lock down, it’s time to treat yourself to a manicure so we have rounded up seven Latinx nail artists to give you some inspo with this summer’s hottest trends.


Sigourney Nuñez

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbysig

Sigourney Nuñez is OPI’s North America education manager and a licensed nail technician in Los Angeles. She got her start in the nail industry when she started working at NAILS magazine and grew her social following on Instagram after regularly posting amazing and unique nail art.  Her account, @nailartbysig, now has 147K followers and she’s currently sharing various squiggly line designs with bright and warm colors perfect for the summer.


Ami Vega

Photo: Instagram/@amivnails

Ami Vega started out with a simple blog on Tumblr but she is now the creator of El Salonsito, a nail art business and blog that brings art to people’s fingertips.  Expect beachy themed nails this summer like these blue seaglass nails, and if you want this particular design she offers press-on nails through her Etsy shop and they are all truly works of art.


Ana Guajardo

Photo: Instagram/@chachacovers

Ana Guajardo is the founder and creator of Cha Cha Covers, a Latinx owned business that creates nail wraps with themes related to pop culture and Latino heritage. Selena Quintanilla never goes out of style so expect to see designs honoring pop culture icons like Selena and Frida.


Carolina Kro Vargas 

Photo: Instagram/@krocaine

Carolina Kro Vargas, aka Krocaine, is a Latinx nail artist in Miami who specializes in hand-painted gel nail art. Aside from having over 100,000 followers on social media, she was recently featured in VOGUE when singer Rosalia showed off her nail art and gave her a shout out. Most of her work involves the coffin nail trend – a shape that has a lot of attitude and gives you plenty of space to play with design and decoration like florals and ocean designs for the summer (obviously).


Freida Tapia

Photo: Instagram/@latinwitch

Freida Tapia, aka Latin Witch, is a nail artist in New York who has worked on models for Vogue and Gucci. She often highlights the almond nail trend – a glamorous shape that will be everywhere this summer along with the mal de ojo design. After the year we’ve had it doesn’t hurt to have a little protection incorporated into your nail art and Tapia’s features a beautiful aqua shade of blue.


Samantha Pasaye  

Photo: Instagram/@nailartfairy

Samantha Pasaye aka the Nail Fairy is all about beautiful designs (no acrylics)  that’s more about the little details. Her beautiful summer florals design features delicate, multi-colored flowers on accent nails for a sweet ode to summer that isn’t too flashy.


Karla Donato

Photo: Instagram/@roho7nailz

Karla Donato is a nail artist based in Mexico City who offers bold and colorful designs on acrylics that are perfect for when you want to make a statement. Expect to see more like these with 3D designs because after a year of no manis it’s time go out all out.

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