10 Latina-Owned Candles Perfect for Gifting this Holiday Season

 No matter how busy life gets, lighting a candle is a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere at home or even in your office

Latina owned candles

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 No matter how busy life gets, lighting a candle is a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere at home or even in your office. Not only do they help create a peaceful ambiance, each scent is unique and calming and there are always plenty to choose from. Latina-owned brands like Bonita Fierce Candles and Oh Comadre Candles have gotten creative with scents like Horchata or Fabuloso- inspired candles as well as cultural homages like Aztec Goddess from Amor y Flor. So whether you’re on the hunt for a holiday gift or just looking for something to spruce up your home, the following candles smell just as amazing as they look. Here are 10 Latina-owned candles to get you fired up for the holidays.


Horchata Candle from Oh Comadre Candles

Horchata candle

Photo: Oh Comadre Candles

Horchata is synonymous with the winter/Holiday season and this candle from Oh Comadre is a deliciously scented ode to the classic Mexican beverage. It’s an all natural veggie soy candle with a 60-80 hour burn time.  This is one that’s sure to make any house smell like home.

Horchata Candle, $21.99, available at ohcomadrecandles.com


Plant Mami from Casita Candles


Image: casitacandles.com

Have an amiga who is obsessed with plantas? Any plant mom would be thrilled to receive this candle from Casita Candles. Plant Mami has peaceful scents of tomato leaf, lemon peel, lemongrass, basil, thyme, and green leaves. Even better, with each purchase you’ll help out Trees for the Future, an organization that supports small farmers.

Plant Mami, $15, available at casitacandles.com


Lavender Fabulosa Candle from Bonita Fierce Candles


Image: bonitafiercecandles.com

We all remember that time when our moms would wake us up on a Saturday morning to clean the house and this candle takes us back to that time. The Lavender Fabulosa Bonita Fierce Candle  smells like a clean house and we are here for it (especially when we don’t actually have to clean!). This coconut soy candle has  notes of lavender, sage, rosemary, and citrus.

Lavender Fabulosa Candle, $30, available at bonitafiercecandles.com


“Todo lo malo echa pa’ ya” Candle from Albisa Candles


Image: albisacandles.com

We love this The Artroom x Albisa candles  collaboration to help us ward off bad energy. This “Todo lo malo echa pa’ ya” candle   contains smokey sage to ward off all negativity and is designed with a male de ojo for protection. When your amiga or family member lights this beauty, they will inhale the delicious aromas of warm spices, sandalwood, musky cedar, and brown sugar.

“Todo lo malo echa pa’ ya” Candle, $29, available at albisacandles.com


Aztec Goddess from Amor Y Flor


Image: amoryflor.com

Make magic happen for your loved ones with Amor y Flor’s Aztec-inspired candle. The Aztecs are said to be the first to harvest the tuberose flower and used to honor Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess of love, art, and beauty, according to the brand’s website. This natural soy wax candle is has notes of tuberose, violet, and pear in honor of the lore.

Aztec Goddess, $18, available at amoryflor.com


La Mejor Amiga Bestie Candle from Casita Michi


Image: etsy.com

Looking for a gift for your bestie? Look no further than this La Mejor Amiga candle from Casita Michi. Gift the good stuff: a candle that’s eco-friendly, paraben-free, dye-free, lead and zinc free. Scented with notes of orange, apple, pineapple, coconut, rum, and vanilla – all the cozy scents that remind you of good times spent with your bestie over brunch.

La Mejor Amiga Bestie Candle, $32.30, available at etsy.comwp_*posts

Where Life Is Dulce from Mi Soy Candle


Image: misoycandle.com

Life is always sweet with this scrumptious candle from Mi Soy Candle. It’s made from 100 percent soy wax, with notes of mint, chamomile, citrus, basil, and eucalyptus. Pair this with some pan dulce for a themed gift your friends will absolutely love – even better if you can enjoy it together.

Where Life is Dulce, $10.99, available at misoycandle.com


Mezcal Candle from Simply Latina


Image: simplylatina.com

Hand-poured in Atlanta, this Mezcal-inspired scent will fill your amiga’s home with a sweet and smoky scent including hints of black pepper, agave, and patchouli. Simply Latina hits all the right spots with this candle made with natural essential oils with a 50 to 60 hour clean burn.

Mezcal Candle, $36.99, available at simplylatina.com


Chingona Wooden Wick Candle from Vive Salvaje


Image: vivesalvaje.com

The name of this candle speaks for itself. It’s infused with notes of lychee, jasmine, lime and musk to remind your amiga that she can take on anything that comes her way.You can also take to another level and add a Chingona-scented linen and body spray or a car diffuser for an empowering bundle.

Chingona Wooden Wick Candle, $29.95, available at vivesalvaje.com


Morena from Vela Negra

Image: thevelanegra.com

Morena, one of the candles in Vela Negra’s Caribeña Collection, is touted as having the fragrance of “Brown Skin Girl”. It features a soothing aroma of creamy cocoa, vanilla bean, golden honey, and fresh berries.

Morena, $22.50, available at thevelanegra.com

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