10 Holiday-Themed Gifts From Latina-Owned Brands

We all have that one friend who loves the holidays so much, that their Christmas playlist goes live on November 1st and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas plays every time you hang out with them

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We all have that one friend who loves the holidays so much, that their Christmas playlist goes live on November 1st and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas plays every time you hang out with them. Next thing you know they’re planning posadas and ordering weekly peppermint mochas from Starbucks. So what exactly do we get our Navidad-obsessed amigas? Are they nail enthusiasts? Then get them festive nail tips from Chillhouse. Or maybe they love reggaeton? Order the Bad Bunny Christmas sweater from LATIDO Shop. Latinx-owned brands are creating tons of unique holiday items and putting together fun gift sets, making it easy for gift-giving this year. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best holiday-themed gifts for the Navidad-lovers in your life.


Poderosa Holiday Sweater from Jen Zeano Designs

Image: shopjzd.com

Jen Zeano Designs is known for their signature “Latina Power” tee so of course they would bring that same empowering message to the holidays. This “Poderosa” Christmas sweater sends the message loud and clear and can be worn at any posada or with the family on Noche Buena and Christmas day.

Poderosa Holiday Sweater, $90, available at shopjzd.com


The Chill Set: Chill to the World from Chillhouse

Image: chillhouse.com

Is your friend due for a holiday manicure? This Chill Set: Chill to the World edition from Chillhouse comes with three festive tips (Let It Flow, Green Smoothie, and Chill At The Disco) and will match with any holiday outfit as they’re fun and perfect for the holidays without being too over the top with the designs. These provide a professional look with a 15-minute application process making it chic while also perfect for a quick festive mani.

The Chill Set, $45, available at chillhouse.com


Bad Bunny Ugly Christmas Sweater from LATIDO Shop

Image: etsy.com

No eres bebecita, eres bebesota! If you have a friend who loves El Conejo Malo and needs the perfect fit for the Friends-mas party, you should get them one of these Bad Bunny ugly Christmas sweaters. This crewneck is warm, comfortable, and festive. It will be a truly unforgettable gift that your friend will love for the holiday season.

Bad Bunny Ugly Christmas Sweater, $35.99, available at etsy.com


Arroz Con Leche Candle from Oh Comadre Candles

Image: ohcomadrecandles.com

Is it possible to make an arroz con leche candle? The answer is 100 percent yes and it will make your home smell cozy and warm. With this arroz con leche candle from Oh Comadre Candles, your friend and their entire family can enjoy a delicious warm vanilla and cinnamon aroma on Noche Buena.

Arroz Con Leche Candle, $28.95, available at ohcomadrecandles.com


Here For The Tamales Crewneck from The Chismosas Club

Image: etsy.com

Tamales are a staple dish for many during the holidays so this “Here For The Tamales” crewneck is the perfect ode to tamale season. We love the bright, red color and runs loose and is true to size.

Here For The Tamales Crewneck, $39, available at etsy.com


Concha Ornaments from ZULetzy

Image: etsy.com

These concha ornaments from ZULetzy are perfect for anyone who loves enjoying pan dulce with their loved ones during the holiday season. These ornaments are not only Christmas themed and a perfect addition to any Christmas tree but they’re a representation of our cultura on our tree which makes it that much more special.

Concha Ornaments, $23, available at etsy.com


Holiday Collection from Casa Dos Chicas Cafe

Image: casadoschicascafe.com

Coffee that comes from Latin America just tastes so much better. This holiday collection from Casa Dos Chicas Cafe comes with three whole-bean coffees from Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia. So grab some pan dulce and enjoy a hot cup with your amiga while supporting a Latina-owned cafecito brand.

Holiday Collection, $50, available at casadoschicascafe.com


Cool Girl Holiday Kit from Tata Harper Skincare

Image: tataharperskincare.com

Give your amiga the ultimate holiday skincare set with this Cool Girls Holiday Kit from Tata Harper Skincare. This set features a skin plumper, hydrating floral essence, resurfacing serum, highlighter, and lip treatment all free of synthetics. We love that all of these  products come in a cute travel bag, so she can have that holiday glow on-the-go.

Cool Girls Holiday Kit, $75, available at tataharperskincare.com


Pisqueya Family Holiday Box from Pisqueya

Image: pisqueya.com

No holiday meal is complete without a little flavor. This family holiday box from Pisqueya comes with adobo seasoning, smoky hot sauce, medium buzz hot sauce, and spicy sweet hot sauce. Each bottle delivers fresh and traditional flavor from the Dominican Republic thanks to the recipes passed down in founder Maritza Abreu’s family. The name is a portmanteau of PIcante (spicy in Spanish) and QuiSQUEYA [kis-keh-yah], the Taíno name for the island which comprises the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Pisqueya Family Holiday Box, $39.98, available at pisqueya.com


Ready For Sangiving Hoodie from Karla and Co.

Image: Karlaandco.com

This “Ready For Sangiving” hoodie from Karla and Co can be worn during Thanksgiving or up until Christmas because the holidays are about giving and celebrating all month long.  We love the subtle nod to the common pronunciation in our community and it looks cozy enough to keep us warm all holiday season.

Ready For San Giving Hoodie, $42, available at karlaandco.com

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